Rules of Wedding Etiquette

Wedding etiquette rules are crucial to ensure that the wedding is completed without major hiccups. These rules will also help you to plan out things well in advance for any wedding you are attending or of which you are being a part of.
| Thursday, January 15, 2009
Wedding etiquette refers to the specific ways in which small details and aspects of a wedding can be handled. It includes etiquette involved in making payment of the wedding and sending thank you notes to people among other things. Wedding invitation etiquette is also important as is the etiquette involved in hosting a wedding shower. It is not only the bride or groom that needs to be concerned about etiquette but everybody should be concerned with wedding reception etiquette. Some important rules of wedding etiquette include:

Etiquette Involving Wedding Invitations
  • Wedding invitation rules etiquette demand that if you do not wish to have children at the wedding then you address the invitation and leave out the children’s names. You can also pass on the word around through family and friends that children are not invited. You can include the number of seats that have been reserved in the invitation.
  • One other way to exclude children from weddings is to include the words "adults only reception" in the wedding invitation.
  • Wedding invitation etiquette also demands that children greater than 16 years of age should get their own invitations.
  • If some person has not responded to the invitation one week after the "reply by" date then it is advisable to call that person and confirm the attendance over the phone.
Etiquette Involving Wedding Gifts
  • Putting "cash only gifts" on the invitation or a message to that effect is considered to be rude.
  • You also do not need to open your gifts in front of people or at the reception.
  • In case the wedding is cancelled then you have to send back the gifts along with an explanation as to why the wedding was cancelled. Inform the guests out of town so that they can cancel their travel and lodging arrangements.
  • While selecting the gift it is important that you give something that would be of use to the couple.
  • Many guests choose to give the gift to the couple before the wedding and this is an acceptable etiquette. If you are unsure about whether you can send the gift before time then you can ask the family of the bride or whosoever is hosting the reception.
Seating Etiquette at Weddings
  • If there are relatives in your family that don’t get along well with each other then do not seat them together.
  • While deciding on the seating arrangements try and put together people either based on their relationship or their ages.
  • Reserve seats for your immediate family and close friends so that they do not have to be seated far away from the bride and groom.
Etiquette for the Guests
  • It is proper etiquette for guests to send the reply card with a confirmation of your attendance before the "reply by" date.
  • Do not bring a date to the wedding unless the invitation card indicates that it is acceptable to bring a guest.
  • In case you decline the invitation then you are not expected to give a gift.
  • If you arrive at the wedding while the procession is going on then etiquette demands that you wait till the bride has walked down the aisle and only then should you enter the church.
  • Avoid taking photographs during the wedding ceremony and leave the photography to the professionals.
  • It is acceptable for the guests to wear white so long as it does not look similar to what the bride is wearing. In case you choose to wear black then it should look chic and before selecting the attire for the wedding it is important to consider the location and time of the wedding.
Other Wedding Etiquette
  • The payment of the wedding expenses may be done by the bride’s family or then it may also be shared by the bride and groom’s family or the payment may be done by the couple themselves.
  • It is appropriate etiquette to provide every adult guest with 2 drink tickets after which they can get further drinks by paying for them. This is better than setting up a cash bar.
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