Bridal Shower Quotes and Wishes

Marriage, a moment of a new exciting change in life, counts for a huge celebration. Bridal shower is the occasion that arouses a sense of joy and happiness in the hearts of the near and dear ones towards the Bride-to-be.
| Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Bridal shower is one of the most unique occasions. It is a moment in which a Bride-to-be is in a state of mixed feelings i.e. the joy of a new union and the sadness of departing from the old bonds. The invitees shower blessings on the Bride-to-be and present her gifts as a token of their affection.

Bridal Shower Quotes

To make the Bridal shower a perfect occasion the celebration needs to be well planned. It all begins with designing a wonderful invitation card. An invitation card without a meaningful quote would seem to be unfinished. One can design different invitation cards for different categories of invitees like family members, friends, colleagues or far relatives. A quote can also be written in big letters and can be put up on the wall to welcome the guests at the venue where the celebration would be held.

Here are a few touching quotes which can be a part of an invitation card design:

  1. All dressed up in finery and pearls, We remember the time as little girls
    We giggled and curtsied and longed for the day, when our parties would be real and not just play.
  2. Hearts and flowers, ribbons and lace, the look of love upon her face.
    A happy heart that's hard to hide, this woman is soon to be a bride.
  3. Her heart has taken flight, because she has found Mr. Right!
    Join us in showering,” Bride’s name” with gifts of love & delight!
  4. The time has come to celebrate,”Bride’s name” is soon-to-be wedded mate,
    A few gifts, laughs and food, We'll all set the mood, So don't forget the date!
  5. “A wedding day is on the way; please attend our bridal shower day!”

Bridal Shower Quotes

The Bridal shower occasion is also an excellent opportunity for the Bride-to-be’s close ones to express their feelings towards her. A gift, a flower bouquet or a greeting card would certainly serve be impressive as a token of love but when a message is written along there is a remarkable difference. One can formulate a beautiful and touching message conveying his or her best wishes to the bride.

Here are a few ‘best wishes’ Bridal shower messages filled with sentiments and love:

  1. Here's a little shower gift to wish you wedded bliss, May you have much joy and happiness, all sealed with a kiss.
  2. Here's a wish for dreams to come true, from the moment you first say "I do."
  3. Here's a gift with wishes tucked inside, because you're such a special bride.
  4. For Your Shower - You must have a long list of things you could use, so this is for anything you choose.
  5. I'll miss my cute and cuddly little girl,
    who has now blossomed into a brand new world;
    a world of joy, a world of love
    a world of blessings from up above.

Best wishes conveyed on special occasions mean a lot and these moments are to be cherished forever. A creative mind can make the best of the ideas for auspicious occasions like Bridal shower. One can come up with ideas like embossing a best wishes quote on a show piece which would be an extraordinary gift for the Bride-to-be. Sentimental best wishes written on a musical greeting card also sound very touching.

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