Bridal Shower Decorations

A bridal shower is an event that is special and a lot of effort goes into making it one. Here are a few bridal shower decoration ideas that will help you show the bride how much she is loved.
| Wednesday, August 17, 2011

To decorate a bridal shower is not difficult but adding a personal touch certainly is! If you have a theme in mind, look around you and you will find many things that you can use for the decorations. This page is filled with a few bridal shower decoration ideas that you could use to make the event special. Read on and add your own creative ideas as you go along.

Bridal Shower Decorations - Hearts all the way!

You can never go wrong with decorating a bridal shower with hearts. The idea is just right and sets the mood for wonderful moments filled with the love of family and friends alike. To begin with take a few miniature trees and decorate them with heart cut outs and pretty ribbons. To make the event extra special for the lady, make each guest write a message on the paper hearts before you put them on the tree.

In case you are unable to get miniature trees take a few leafless branches and a few pretty stoneware or terracotta pots. Then take some plaster of Paris and fill the pots and then arrange the branches in it. Get some colorful beads from the store and string them together to make garlands to hang on the trees or the walls. Place the trees in strategic locations all over the room. You can also use make a garland of hearts with red paper and red thread and hang it from the front of the table, mantle or string it across the wall.

Bridal Shower Decorations - Pirate Loot

The colors that you can use for your pirate bridal shower decoration is black and bright pink. To add to the festivities you can use a little bit of gold and silver too. To start decorating the room, use a treasure chest as the focal point. You can place some chocolates and gold coins and other candies in the chest to add to the pirate effect. Another centerpiece that you could use as a bridal shower decoration is an aquarium. Take a bowl that resembles an aquarium and put some stones, sand, shells and water in it. To give it an authentic pirate look you can also submerge some gold colored pirate rings in the water.

To add color to the walls put up some pictures that show a ship, the sea or some hidden treasures. You can also paint a friendly looking skeleton on a black flag and hang it somewhere where it is clearly visible. If you are still not satisfied with the other centerpieces, get the bride to pose in a pirate get up and place the photo on a table. If you can get the couple to both pose in pirate gear it would be even better!

Bridal Shower Decorations - Color it Right!

You can have a colorful bridal shower is you use the bride’s favorite color as the base for the entire decoration. If yellow is the bride’s favorite color you can get a daisy decorated cake for her. Order a lot of daisies or sunflowers and place them into each guest’s napkin. This will add a touch of elegance and a dash of color to the day. You can also get a daisy corsage for the lady too!

If the bridal shower is being held in the harvest season do not forget to include corn in the menu. You can serve guests fresh steamed corn on the cob and cornbread along with the other delicious food. Use yellow squash and dried corn in their husks to decorate the table with. To add to the décor you can get some yellow paper and trace various shapes on it. Cut the shapes out and then glue them onto a yellow string in order to make some decorations for the walls. Some white and yellow balloons can also be used to decorate the walls, table, chairs and other furniture in the room.

Bridal Shower Decorations - Spa Experience

The idea of having a spa bridal shower decoration is different and yet so interesting because you can play around with ideas till you put your finger on one that suits you fine. If you are not having the bridal shower in a salon and instead plan to have it at home, then concentrating on creating the right ambience would be a good idea. Green is an ideal color for a spa so you can add this color in the décor to get into the right spirit.

Once that is done place a few comfortable chairs in the room along with foot massage kits, towels, robes and other materials that spas usually have. For the center piece take a large bowl and place rose petals and floating candles in it. You can also add colored stones to achieve the desired effect. Get some CD’s of nature sounds likes tweeting birds and rippling brooks and let the music flow through the room. Light the scented candles and let the aroma fill the room. With every detail in place, I am sure that everyone will go back feeling refreshed.

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