Bridal Shower Cakes - Designs and Ideas

Bridal shower is one of the classiest occasions loaded with fun and frolic. The creative events and games, the tongue tingling eatables, the colorful costumes add to the enjoyment. What more, but a delightful delicacy like cake can make the event a lifetime memory.
| Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bridal shower cakes can be of various designs and ideas according to the theme of the occasion. The design may be elegant, trendy or traditional. Did the words sound very puzzling?

Here are some inspiring ideas for Bridal shower cakes:

  • The simplest way to choose the flavor of the cake would be to find out the Bride-to-be’s favorite one. A baby pink colored cake would be perfect for the event. It can be placed on a designer table at the center of the hall. Colorful ribbons and balloons can be hung around the table.
  • A heart-shaped strawberry cake can be decorated with attractive candles and sugar candies of different colors. Butter cream frostings can be used to decorate the cake or write some messages.
  • Pure white Vanilla cake can be layered with fresh cherries.  A layer of sliced cherries can be placed surrounding the cake at the base.
  • Trays of cup cakes or slice cakes can be placed at all corners of the hall. Each cup cake or slice cake can be decorated with chocolate chips, sugar sprinklings, and fresh strawberries or can be covered with ice cream, yogurt or whipped cream.
  • Fruits can be used for decorating a cake. A pineapple cake can be topped with sliced pineapples; a strawberry cake can be topped with fresh strawberries and Rose petals. A Vanilla cake can have multiple layers of different fruits.
  • Slice cakes can be presented in a sandwich style as well. Whipped cream or frozen yogurt can be layered between the slices. The slices can be topped with chocolate flakes.
  • Colorful jellies can be used for decorating an ice cream cake. Names of all those who are close to the Bride-to-be, can be written on the cake.
  • Innovative icing pattern can make the cake look more scrumptious! Patterns like flowers and butterflies, cartoon characters, wedding bells etc. are mostly preferred.
  • Multi storied vanilla cake (also known as tiered cake) can be decorated with chocolate sauce, Honey, cookies, jellies and gems. Chocolate chips can be sprinkled all over. One way would be to decorate every tier cake with a different colored icing. Another way would be to layer each tier with different fruits like slices of pineapple, strawberries, cherries etc.
  • A chocolate plum cake layered with dry fruits will be a real mouth watering treat. Chocolate wafers and cookies can be spread at the base of the cake.
  • A rectangular cake lined with stars would also seem to be a classic option. It can be iced with designs like hair clips, bracelets, fancy watches, earrings, gloves etc.
  • A cake of the shape of a fruit or even a flower would be highly attractive.
  • To bring back old memories in this golden moment the cake can be decorated with tiny toys, gems, lollipops, candies etc. A musical candle can be placed at the center which on blowing off would play a popular nursery rhyme.
  • Ice cream cups with cake slice can be a wonderful dessert to serve for the occasion.

It is highly exciting to make a choice of design on a thrilling occasion like Bridal showers. A touch of creativity and some survey around can get you the best option ever for a magnificent looking cake on the event day.

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