Kissing Types and Techniques

Are you looking for kissing types and techniques to impress your partner? Do you want to use this gesture to show him/her how much you care? If you do, read on....
| Monday, October 13, 2008

A kiss is a gesture that brings people together, an action that speaks more than words can ever! It is when time stands still and only love and affection rules that moment, those few minutes that belong to only those involved in the exchange. You can make your partner feel special and loved by learning about kissing types and techniques. Hold that thought because here are a few techniques just for you. Hope they go a long way in adding some spice to your relationship!

The Angel Kiss: Very much like the name suggests the angel kiss is sweet and comforting. To practice this kiss; gently kiss your partner on either side of the eyelid or very close to the eyes.

The Butterfly Kiss: This kiss is so called because it resembles the fluttering sensation of a butterfly as it moves its wings. This kissing technique involves opening and closing your eyelids against your partners with your faces placed only about a breath away.

The Buzzing Kiss: This kiss involves placing your lips on your lover’s back, just behind the ear and gently humming and growling. Remember to move your lips up and down the neck and over the lips and bones too.

The Cheek Kiss: This kiss is one of the most preferred kissing methods on a first date and involves putting your hands on your partner’s shoulder and slowly and carefully brushing your lips across her/his cheek.

The Cold and Hot Kiss: This kissing technique involves licking your partner’s lips until it turns warm and then slowly blowing on them.

The Cold Kiss: This is a really fun kiss. For this kiss put a small piece of ice into your mouth and then kiss your partner open mouthed, slowly and sensually passing the ice into his/her mouth with your tongue.

The Earlobe Kiss: This kissing technique involves gently sipping and sucking the earlobe. In this kiss avoid loud sucking noises as the ears are sensitive to noises that are loud.

The Eye Kiss: Tender and loving, the eye kiss involves holding your partner’s head with both your hands and gently moving the head in the way you want the kiss to go. It then involves kissing gently and slowly towards the eyes of your partner and then planting a soft and tender kiss on the top of their eyes that are shut.

The Eskimo Kiss: This kissing technique involves gently rubbing your noses together with your faces held less than a breath away.

The Electric Kiss: This type of kiss is very much what it sounds like...electric! To begin, turn the lights low and then move wildly towards your partner. Now lean slowly towards him, ensuring that your lips touch. After that, let nature takes it course!

The Finger Kiss: This kissing technique is seductive and refers to sucking on each other’s fingers while lying together.

The French Kiss: Also known as the "soul kiss," this kiss involves using the tongue. It is called the "soul kiss" since the life and soul are said to pass through the breath when this kiss is exchanged.

The Fruity Kiss: This technique of kissing involves taking a fruit and placing it between your lips. For this technique you can use juicy fruits like grapes, strawberries and small pieces of mango. Now kiss your partner and eat on one half of the fruit while your partner nibbles on the other half. Do this until the fruit breaks in half and the juice runs into your mouths.

The Foot Kiss: An erotic kiss, the foot kiss can be enjoyable if properly done. To give this kiss, gently suck the toes and then lightly kiss the foot while massaging the base of the foot. Do make sure your partner’s feet are clean before you begin. Well! Just joking!!

The Good Moring Kiss: Make your partner feel special with a good morning kiss. This kiss is simple; all you need to do is lean over and kiss your partner’s cheek before he/she awakes. Once you have planted a few kisses on the cheek, continue giving soft kisses until you reach his/her lips.

The Hand Kiss: To practice this type of kiss gently put her hands to your lips. Now carefully brush your lips across the top of her hands. This is a simple but lovely kiss!

The Nibble Kiss: This kiss can ignite wonderful sensations. This kissing technique involves gently nibbling on your partner’s lips while kissing you partner. Do remember not to nibble too hard as it might hurt you partner and I am sure you wouldn’t like to do that!

The Shoulder Kiss: Kiss the top of your partner’s shoulder from behind, while also embracing him/her. This kiss is a good way of displaying everlasting love!

The Teasing Kiss: To practice this kiss, start at the forehead and then plant a short and sweet kiss on the lips. Now move up the arms and slowly to her hands, then kiss her hands and then come back to the arm. Now slowly move to her face and lightly kiss her lips with a kiss that is filled with passion.

The Tiger Kiss: If you want to surprise your partner, why don’t you try the tiger kiss" Slowly and quietly sneak up behind your partner and grab him/her from the back and then carefully bite his/her neck. To add a little spice, you could also put in a few growls. Grrrrrrr.

The Vacuum Kiss: Like the name suggest, the vacuum kiss involves air. This is an open mouthed kiss in which you suck in, very much like sucking the air present in the mouth of your partner.  

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