High School Basketball Rules

Games are the best stress busters for ones who participate and for the ones who are the spectators. Basketball is one of the most popular sports world over which people love to play as well as watch. Read on to know basketball rules for high school.
| Saturday, June 19, 2010

How to Play Basketball

The game is simple, involving two teams of five players each. Every team mate is given a tactical position in the game as per his or her expertise. The two teams have to put the ball through a basket (placed at a height of 10 feet), and score points against each other. Points are scored based on the distance and situation (in case of foul). Two points are earned for a shot and three points are earned if the ball had been thrown from or beyond the three point arc. If the teams score equal points, the tournament time is extended. The technique of the strategic game lies in the skill of dribbling the ball on the court and smartly passing it to right teammate to throw the ball into the basket. This sounds simple unless you understand the rules and regulations that are associated with the game. The fouls and violations are penalty-bound.

Basketball Game Rules

Basketball basic rules remain the same whether it is played as a casual indoor game or a big tournament involving popular teams of different countries. The court, the players, the equipments etc; all are adhered by the rules of the game.

Game Regulations

  • High school tournaments have each quarter of eight minutes, whereas at international level, each quarter is of ten minutes. The interval is of fifteen minutes, during which the teams interchange the baskets.
  • Team player substitutions are done only when the game is at a halt.
  • Teams have their respective coach, doctor, trainer to assist them.
  • Both teams have a uniform with colors and design unique to the respective teams. The number designated to the player must be clearly visible. The team name, player’s name or sponsor’s name is allowed to be printed.
  • Short meetings of a minute are allowed between the coach and team players.
  • At high school level, three officially elected referees control the game. The table officials keep track of individual team scores, timekeeping, fouls, player substitutions and shot clock.

Rule Violations

  • The ball has to remain within the court boundaries. The team responsible for throwing the ball out of the court faces the penalty.
  • The player may not move both feet without dribbling, cannot use both hands to dribble or hold the ball between dribbles (this violation is called double dribbling). The ball must not be kicked or even hit with the fist.
  • Players are not allowed to touch the ball while it is falling into the basket, or is on the basket or into the basket. If a player touches the ball through the basket qualifies for a violation called ‘basket interference’.

Fouls in Basketball

  • Any player causing disadvantage to opponent team player through physical contact is given a foul. The fouled player may be given one or more free throws from a pre decided distance.
  • Any player or couch indulged in a fight or argument or passing rude comments is given a foul.
  • When a team crosses the maximum limit of fouls in the quarter or first half session, the other team gets the benefit of one or more free throws.

Basketball rulebook is a handy tool that is available to provide every minute detail on basketball rules. High schools may not necessarily follow every rule mentioned but the rulebook certainly is a good guide to understand every minutest problem that could be associated with basketball.

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