Different Basketball Player Positions

How much do you know about basketball? Invented by Dr. James Naismith, basketball is a game that requires an immense amount of energy and skill. To develop the skills, this game has different basketball player positions. Here we provide you with information about the different basketball positions.
| Tuesday, August 10, 2010

As a child in a boarding school I grew up watching the grown ups play basketball every evening. I longed to be able to join them but was no good at dribbling…so I just gave up telling myself that this game was not for me! One fine day while watching a basketball match on television I switched channels and found The Harlem Globetrotters on television... I was hooked to the game again! To this day the basketball court brings back fond memories of us cheering and that’s why I had to share my knowledge about different basketball player positions with you. It’s a wonderful game that has me glued to the television even to this day.

Different Basketball Player Positions

Shooting Guard

This basketball position refers to the person who has the responsibility of making long outside shots including the one known as the three-point shot. The top scorer of the team is often referred to as the shooting guard as he should be a good passer as well as be able to point guard with the handling of the ball.

Names of shooting guards: Michael Jordan, J.J Redick, Kobe Bryant and Tracy McGrady

Point Guard

The quality that makes a good point guard is someone who has good leadership and decision making skills apart from being a very good dribbler. This is the reason that the team leader is the play caller on the basketball court. According to tradition small and fast players were mainly the point guards of course this is not the case since Michael Jordan at 6 feet 6 inches was also a point guard sometimes.

Names of point guards: Allen Iverson, Chris Paul, Steve Nash, Mike Bibby

Power Forward

This player positioning in basketball is usually responsible for rebounding. The power forward is usually taller than the guards and traditionally plays near the painted area and by the basket, making an effort to score short-range shots and layups. In most cases power forwards are good short blockers as well.

Names of power blockers: Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett

Small Forward

A very versatile position in the basketball team, a small forward is someone who is a good runner, hard driver, good passer and a solid rebounder. Small forwards are taller than shooting guards but aren’t as big as power forwards. They are usually defensive players as well. The scenario today has many teams in which the small forwards and the shooting guards are almost the same position and are known as the wing players.

Names of small forwards: Carmelo Anthony, Larry Bird and LeBron James


This basketball position is held by the player who is not only a solid rebounder but a good inside shooter as well. The responsibility of a center is to stay around the paint i.e. the painted area around the basket. Centers are normally not expected to dribble much nor are they asked to shoot from more than 15 feet away. Centers are usually made up of the best players at blocking shots on defense.

Name of a center: Shaquille O'Neal

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