Clothing for Different Types of Sports

Traditionally sports clothing used to be rather boring. With time and increasing competitiveness sports clothing is taken just as seriously as the game itself. Read on to learn about the clothing worn for different types of sports.
| Monday, November 10, 2008
Sports Clothing has seen a dramatic change in its use of fabrics, styles and colors to evolve to its present form. Cutting edge technology is now used in the designing of clothing for different types of sports so as to ensure that the sports person enjoys a high level of comfort and is also able to perform at peak levels consistently. Earlier sports clothing was designed mainly to meet the standard specifications and rules of the governing sports bodies but now it also aims to make a fashion statement. Following is a brief description of the clothing required to be worn for different types of sports:
  • Golf: Professional golfers are known for their skills at the game and for their stylish apparel as well. Plaid has long been accepted as the standard uniform for the sport of golf. Golf is perhaps one of the few games that allow the players to sport a casual or a formal look while playing the sport. Denim is obviously not allowed as a part of the clothing worn for a game of golf. It is very important to wear comfortable and presentable clothes while playing this game. Wearing the right type of shoes is equally important in this game since it often requires the players to walk long distances between the holes on the course. Usually the golf shoes selected should be such that provide comfort and should be water resistant and stylish at the same time. These shoes may include features such as spikes, cushioning on the sole among other things.
  • Tennis: When tennis was first played the attire was rather formal because of the association of this game with royalty. So in the initial days women wore full length dresses and men wore formal pants and shirts with long sleeves. However as competitiveness within the game increased and as did its popularity, the need for mobility called for changes in the attire for this game. These days’ women playing this game wear short tennis skirts and t-shirts or dresses made out of a variety of high performance fabrics. Men wear shorts that can be knee length or above the knees and t-shirts.
  • Soccer: Soccer clothing includes the players wearing jerseys that may be collared or collarless and these jerseys are made from cotton or other different materials. These jerseys include the name of the team or club along with its logo on the front side and the name of the player along with his number is displayed on the back. The sponsors are also prominently displayed. The shoes worn by soccer players are called soccer cleats and are specially designed to include plastic spikes on the underside of the shoes. Many soccer players wear crotch support underneath the shorts and the shorts are around knee length or shorter. The crotch support is worn to protect the groin area. Shin guards may also be worn to protect the shin area from kicks.
  • Basketball: For basketball the players often wear a jersey bearing the name of the team, their name and the player number. This jersey is ordinarily loose fitting and may be sleeveless. The players wear shorts that are usually around knee length or just above the knee. The shoes are designed so that they can attain grip on the court and have good support for the ankle region.  
  • Baseball: Players wear sliding shorts and jerseys that bear the name of the team and the name of the player along with the player number. In this sport players also have to wear a cup under their pants or jockstrap.  
  • Contact sports like American football and ice hockey often require the athletes to wear protective gear underneath the jerseys such as chest guard and face mask. The protective clothing is designed with material in a way whereby it is not too cumbersome for the athlete and can at the same time provide protection to the player.
  • Swimming: For this sport professionals often wear skin tight costumes that are lined with material that prevents them from becoming transparent when they get wet. Modern day swimming is a highly competitive sport and the swimsuits worn by the professionals often look like unitards and other bodysuits are also worn and these are called as dive skins. The design of the swimsuit allows ease in gliding through the water and innovative material such as spandex is often used in the swimsuits.
  • For some sports like karate ease in movement is very important and so special clothing is worn in such sports. For other sports such as skiing or mountain climbing layered clothing is worn for moisture transfer and also for insulation and warmth. In cycling the clothing should allow ease in movement and comfort since the players tend to sweat a lot and at the same time the clothing should not be too tight. Professionals wear cycling shorts and jerseys along with goggles and helmets.
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