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Osteoporosis is a medical condition that eats away the bones! It is commonly termed as a silent disease because the symptoms are such that they are ignored or misdiagnosed.
By: Jamila Joshi | Category: Osteoporosis
Osteoporosis has both preventive as well as treatment options, but it is wise to abide by the preventive measures so as to avoid the disease state. Other than the conventional treatments Osteoporosis is known to be treated with alternative remedies.
By: Jamila Joshi | Category: Osteoporosis
Osteoporosis is infamously known as the disease of bones. In osteoporosis loss of Bone Mineral Density (BMD) occurs which can increase fragility in bones.
By: Jamila Joshi | Category: Osteoporosis
If you are wondering why your neighbor's dog sits and your doesn't when commanded, this is the right place to be. Read on to know how to train dogs to sit or stand with simple commands.
By: Rachna Gupta | Category: Training Dogs
There are several discount dog toys obtainable for pet owners lately, much more than before. With developments in plastics, few kinds are more or less imperishable, which is good for those huge dogs that have a tendency to chew up any item frequently. It is vital that the dog owners locate a toy that their dog will benefit from playing with, but won't get hurt in the procedure.
By: Mansi Chitranshi | Category: Dog Toys
It is great to have your own fish tank setup. It just involves a greater responsibility taking care of it. Always check water and fish conditions to keep any disease away.
By: Trigger Man | Category: Pet Fish
Animal cruelty is a grave issue that haunts time and again. Man has to understand that different species on earth help maintain an equilibrium on Mother Earth. Despite several measures taken by organizations such as PETA, animal abuse is a issue that needs to be addressed on a wider scale. This article would just throw some light on animal cruelty cases, laws and the statistics related to it.
Pain, discomfort and anxiety are some of the words we usually associate with surgery. Hysterectomy is one such surgery that brings about various changes in the body. Read on to know how you can make your life easier and comfortable after hysterectomy.
By: Rachna Gupta | Category: Hysterectomy
Looking out for something to munch when your favorite television show is to be featured? Treat yourself with amazing easy to make sweet potato fries.
By: Jamila Joshi | Category: Snacks
Also known as Ipomoea batatas, the sweet potato is a tuber that belongs to the Convolvulaceae family. This wonder of nature has many qualities which provide nutrition to the human body. If you want to know more about sweet potato nutrition facts, read on.
By: Rachna Gupta | Category: Nutrition
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