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Leading a healthy life is not difficult if you know the correct way to do so. This article on yoga and Ayurveda throws light on this ancient science and informs you on how to use both to your advantage.
By: Rachna Gupta | Category: Yoga
Obesity is one of the primary reasons behind numerous health problems. The Ayurveda weight loss treatments provide a wide-ranging healthcare resolution to obesity and connected health dangers. Read on to know more about ayurvedic way to lose weight.
By: Mansi Chitranshi | Category: Weight Loss
Ayurveda is the unblemished earliest science of life; the word "Ayur" exactly implies life and "Veda", the science or knowledge. Read on to know more about this miraculous and amazing ancient health discipline
By: Mansi Chitranshi | Category: Ayurveda
Ayurveda is an ancient art and science of healing and is known to have answers to health problems that even modern science has failed to explain. Acne is a common problem and is best treated with herbal remedies than opting to go for allopathic or over the counter medicines. Read on to know how effective ayurveda can be to curb acne or acne scars.
Hair loss impacts 60% of men; conversely, only 10% of women are affected by this hereditary form. Hair loss treatment for women is somewhat different from men hair loss treatments, however women need special concentration. If you are suffering from hair loss, it is imperative to comprehend why your hair is falling out and what can be done to restore the hair that you have lost.
By: Mansi Chitranshi | Category: Hair Loss
Osteoporosis has both preventive as well as treatment options, but it is wise to abide by the preventive measures so as to avoid the disease state. Other than the conventional treatments Osteoporosis is known to be treated with alternative remedies.
By: Jamila Joshi | Category: Osteoporosis
Ayurveda is a natural and proven science that believes in complete healing and wellness of our bodies. Here are some Ayurveda diet suggestions to keep your mind, soul and body in a complete energetic and healthy condition.
By: Mansi Chitranshi | Category: Healthy Eating
There are no definite reasons for people experiencing sudden hearing loss. While many people spontaneously recover from this problem, still others continue experiencing this debilitating condition. Read on to learn more about sudden hearing loss and the causes and reasons for the same.
By: Ashwini Ambekar | Category: Deafness
Ayurvedic spa treatments are rooted in decades-old Ayurvedic therapies that encourage equilibrium and happiness in your life. The invigorating and healing treatments provide are tailored to your specific requirements. Read on to know more about natural healing with the help of Ayurvedic spas.
By: Mansi Chitranshi | Category: Ayurveda
Does a bunch of hair on your comb depress you? Signs of hair loss are very discouraging and sometimes very scary. Hair loss is not uncommon. It is one of the very general problems that we face. Read on to know about the causes of hair loss in women.
By: Jamila Joshi | Category: Hair Loss
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