Famous People in History - Scientists and Inventors

There are several famous scientists and inventors in history who have changed our perception in everything we see, do or feel. This article is a tribute to some of the most famous scientists and inventors in history.
| Thursday, January 28, 2010
We have traveled a lengthy way from the times when man made use of stones to generate flames, these days we have electrical energy. Or take the instance of the lustrous vehicles that have substituted the self-effacing bullock carts. Ever pondered about the individuals who have made such noteworthy additions and made our lives so much simpler? Yes, the famous people who have been instrumental in their inventions and discoveries, here is an effort to go down the memory lane by mentioning the high-flying inventors.

List of Famous Scientists and Inventors


Archimedes was a mathematician, engineer, physicist, astronomer and an originator of Greek origin. His offerings have been precious in many sectors; nonetheless there are few explicit innovations, which have made him famous. Some of his famed creations consist of the Golden Crown theory, which was utilized to establish the volume of matters, the Archimedes screw which was built with the purpose of removing the bilge water.

Albert Einstein

The name Albert Einstein is tantamount with mastermind. He is accountable for the extraordinary and universal theory of relativity, and his effort on the photo electric impact. He also created some gadgets like the Einstein calculator.

Charles Babbage

Can you envisage your life devoid of computers? Not possible, right? Well, the genius who deserves gratitude for this is Charles Babbage. He was an English philosopher, mathematician, originator and mechanical engineer who launched the idea of programmable computers and is believed to have created the initial mechanical computer.

Karl Benz

Even though the expanding gas costs might appear nightmarish, you have to accept that a life devoid of cars would have been quite uninteresting. Well, Karl Friedrich Benz engine inventor of German origin and auto engineer who created the gas-power-driven car.

Louis Braille

We must be grateful to Louis Braille, a lot of visually disabled people can now write and read - yes, he was the creator of the Braille structure, which is now utilized universally.


The originator of the Piano - Bartolommeo Francesco, an Italian by origin, was a musical apparatus producer who created the piano.

Leonardo Da Vinci

Even though there are several inventions, which can be attributed to Leonardo Da Vinci, one has to bear in mind that he existed in an era where there was no copyright scheme. Few of the creations, which are recognized to have been his concepts, are Strut Bridge, the mechanical bobbin winder, the mechanism for trying out the tensile force of cable and the lens-pounding apparatus.

William Kennedy Dickson

An Anglo-Scottish creator who invented a primeval motion picture camera.

George Eastman

The man who created the film roll, which not only was a tremendous development for the art of picture making but also turned out to be the foundation for the discovery of motion picture films.

Thomas Edison

He was an American creator who built more than a few apparatus like the phonograph and the electric light bulb.

Johann Gutenberg

He is recognized as the gentleman who was the foremost European to use variable kind printing, in the year 1439, but more prominently he was the one who created the technique of mechanical printing.

Elias Howe

Imagine, how our fancy clothes would be tailor made to our perfect size without this man? Elias Howe was an American creator who created the sewing machine.

John Harvey Kellogg

Can you kick start your dawns devoid of your favorite morning breakfast - cereals, can you? Well it all began with the famous corn flakes. John Kellogg was the creator of the corn flakes cereals with assistance from his sibling Will Keith Kellogg.

Isaac Newton

He is the man who unearthed gravity. Newton is acknowledged for his concepts about the occurrence of universal gravitational pull and also advocates the 3 renowned laws of motion.

Igor Sikorsky

He was a Russian-American, who created and took off the world's foremost multi-engine permanent-wing aircraft. He additionally invented the foremost of Pan American Airway's ocean-dominant airborne boats in the year 1930, and the foremost triumphant American helicopter also.

James Watt

The man behind improving and materializing the steam engine.

Wright Brothers

Orville and Wilbur were the 2 brothers of American origin who are attributed with creating and developing the world's earliest triumphant airplane and also for inventing the first powered, controlled and continued bulkier-than-air human plane.

Marie Curie

The discovery of radium and polonium can be attributed to this famous woman scientist. This Polish scientist was also responsible for initiating the radioactivity theory. Marie Curie won two Noble prizes, one in 1903 for her work in Physics and another one in 1911 for her discovery of radium and polonium.

Nowadays most of these inventions have turned out to be an essential component of our lives, and we just about take them for granted. In our hectic timetables and packed out schedules, it can be a great gesticulation for all of us to take a minute to show gratitude to the inventors who have made our lives so much easier and simpler.