Benefits of Human Cloning

The technology of cloning gained notoriety with the creation of Dolly, the first cloned mammal. Would humans be cloned too? While there are people who believe that we are trying to play God with the development of this technology, there are surely some immense benefits of human cloning. This article will try to throw light on these benefits of human cloning technology.
| Saturday, May 02, 2009
Human cloning is an assisted form of reproductive technology that can be carried out to create a newborn that is identical to a human being. The human cloning process is called nuclear transplantation. The human cloning process begins with the removal of the nucleus of the egg cell and this is replaced with a nucleus of an adult cell. The egg so reconstructed is stimulated to start dividing. On successful division a pre-implantation embryo is created and this is called blastocyst. If this blastocyst is placed within the uterus it can form a fetus and this can develop into a newborn. The individuals born through this process would have similar nuclear genes like those in the adult cells but they would not resemble the adults exactly. The advantages of human cloning or the associated benefits of this process include:

Reverse Aging and Resolving of Heart Problems

Some of the experts in this form of technology suggest that with the human cloning technology it would eventually be possible to reverse the aging process. The benefits of human cloning can be gauged from the fact that this technology can be used to aid victims of heart attack. In this healthy heart cells can be cloned and injected in areas within the heart that are damaged following the heart attack. The benefits of this can be tremendous since heart disease is the prime killer within the United States and several other developed countries.

Repair Damaged Tissue and Organs

Human cloning techniques can also be used to grow organs or repair tissues and damaged organs. Conditions like Parkinson’s, diabetes and Alzheimer’s may also be cured with this technology.


One of the greatest human cloning benefits could be resolution of  the problem of infertility. The present treatments available for infertility problems are not as successful. These treatments involve a great deal of emotional and physical trauma to the couples and human cloning could help those suffering from infertility to have children.

Plastic Surgery

Human cloning can help in procedures such as cosmetic surgeries including breast implants. The procedure will allow for use of actual tissue in the body instead of use of foreign material such as silicone gel. Doctors may also be able to produce bones and cartilages and problems associated with the use of silicone will be removed. It may be possible for doctors to perform reconstructive surgeries on faces of individuals involved in traumatic accidents as also development of limbs for amputees.

Defective Genes

People on an average carry 8 defective genes and these genes cause certain illnesses. Human cloning can allow these problems to be eradicated. Some of the problems occurring because of these defective genes include Down’s syndrome and Tay-Sachs disease among others. So women at risk for illnesses like these could take the benefits of human cloning to ensure that their offspring do not have the genes of that disorder.

Organ Transplantation and other Illnesses

Human cloning can also be used to clone livers and used in liver transplants as well as in kidney transplants though cloning of kidneys. Human cloning could be used to clone bone marrow for individuals suffering from leukemia. This could be one of the biggest benefits of human cloning technology. In organ transplantation cloning technology may help millions of people to get a new lease of life. They will no longer need to wait for years to get a donor match and the possibility of immune response to the transplantation may also be eradicated the with cloning of organs.


Cancer is a disease that kills millions of individuals in many countries. Scientists are still trying to understand how cells differentiate in specific tissues or why certain cells lose the differentiation. The cloning technology may actually allow a cure to be found for this dreaded disease.

Other injuries

Accidents are often responsible for leaving people handicapped. People suffering from spinal cord injuries are currently not able to recover completely. With the cloning technology medical professionals may actually be able to grow back the nerves and spinal cord again so that those who are injured can hope to lead a normal life again.

Preservation of Endangered Animals

While the cloning technology may eventually be used to benefit humans it can also be used to conserve endangered species of animals.

There are a large number ethical issues surrounding this fragile topic and many people have different opinions about the cloning technology. However the benefits of human cloning can be tremendous if this technology is properly used.