Common Dog Diseases and Symptoms

Life is uncertain not only for humans but also for animals. If you have a pet it is important to vaccinate it and watch out for any symptoms and signs of dog diseases. Here is a list with details about common dog diseases and symptoms so that you can take extra care of your furry little friend.
| Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Your little pet helps brighten your day, plants sloppy kisses on your face to wake you up and just lies down next to you whenever you need a cuddle, nothing else compares to the way dogs display their love and affection. You too can do your share by being aware of dog diseases and symptoms. Read on about how to keep your dog in the pink of health.

Dogs' Urinary Tract Diseases

In the case of urinary tract infection in dogs there is bacteria build up in the urethra. The dog illness symptom of urinary tract infection is evident if your dog suddenly starts peeing in the house of resists going out to do the same. Your dog may feels it wants to urinate frequently but may strain and whimper since enough urine might not be produced. The presence of blood in this case is also possible.

Mange and Allergic Dermatitis in Dogs

Allergy is visible on the dog’s skin and can be easily noticed since the skin becomes inflamed which then causes redness, itching and irritation. In case your dog develops dog allergies it will scratch and bite it’s skin much more than it normally does. The causes of allergic dermatitis ranges from allergies to certain food to hot weather and even allergy to mites, fleas or flea medicine. A few dogs may also develop mange on the skin. If you see big white flakes or pieces of skin coming off, it is a good idea to take you pet to the vet.

Rabies in Dogs

Another disease that may cause pain to your dog is rabies. This is a viral disease that is contracted when your pet comes in contact with rabid animals. The rabies virus is spread through the saliva and attacks the dog’s central nervous system and as it progresses it produces the signs and symptoms of this dog disease. The beginning signs of this disease are minor and are visible in behavior changes, fever and slow eye reflexes. As the disease progresses there are more severe symptoms like aggressiveness, excessive barking, irritability, violent behavior and restlessness. In the end once the disease has spread through the dog’s entire system there will be a total breakdown in the coordination of motor movements. Unfortunately there is no cure for this disease though there is a vaccine for both humans and canines. Once contracted, dogs with this disease need to be euthanized.

Bloat Disease in Dogs

A canine condition that causes the twisting of the dog’s stomach from overeating is known as bloat. This disease is serious as it often causes death since the twisted stomach not only cuts off its own blood supply which results in quick tissue necrosis but it also traps gas which results on unbearable pain and then death. Being so painful and serious this condition needs to be treated quickly so in case your dog suffers from any of the dog health symptoms like restlessness, depression and dry heaves it would be a good idea to consult a vet. Dogs who are older, underweight or thin and those that have an anxious and aggressive temperament are at a higher risk of getting bloat. Dogs that eat fast or eat only once a day are also at risk of developing this dog disease.

Distemper Dog Disease

Like rabies, distemper is another dog disease that has no cure. This disease is contracted from contaminated faces of other infected dogs. The symptoms of distemper include chest congestion, eye and nose discharges, coughing and diarrhea. If your dog suffers from any of these symptoms it would be a good idea to take it to the vet for diagnosis. Once this disease progresses it attacks the central nervous system which in turn leads to paralysis and possible death.

Parvovirus in Dogs

This deadly disease known as parvovirus, attacks a dog intestines which leads to death within a few days. This disease is contracted through contaminated faces found on the ground. The virus of this disease is capable of living in this state for many months under favorable conditions. The symptoms of this disease are decreased appetite, vomiting and depression and severe bloody diarrhea. Luckily this disease can be prevented with a vaccine that needs to be taken prior to infection. In case a dog contracts parvovirus it need to be treated with IV antibiotics and subcutaneous fluids.

Heartworm Dog Disease

Heartworm is a dog disease that is contracted from mosquitoes. This common dog disease affects puppy’s more than adult dogs and is caused from parasites that multiply and grow in rapidly dividing cells. As the disease progresses it ultimately causes infections in the dog’s heart chamber and arteries in the lungs. If your dog has symptoms like a mild cough with fatigue a trip to the vet would help diagnose the disease on time. To prevent infection it is important to get your pet vaccinated against this parasite.

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