Business Workplace Team Building

Team building in simple words is bringing together a group of people and driving them towards a common goal. Read on to learn more about business workplace team building.
| Tuesday, May 25, 2010
"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success."

- Henry Ford

Bringing in together a group of people to accomplish an assigned task is simple but bringing together minds who would strive to work with a common vision is not easy. Difference in opinions, ego are some of the common problems that come up as hurdles when a team works towards achieving a goal. Having people with similar mind sets and thought processes would not work either because then there would be no creativity in the job assigned.

What Motivates Team Building?

It is not necessary that an individual’s contribution goes unnoticed while working in a team. A team is basically a blend of different skills words towards the same objective. Team building motivation comes alive only because of certain factors:

  • Every individual should know the rationale behind working in a team.
  • The whole objective is to be divided into individual tasks and every team member must accept the task as a challenge.
  • The sense of responsibility needs to be deeply embedded within all.
  • Every one needs to understand that the growth of the team would ultimately cause the individual to grow.

Team Building in a Business

Any business whether big or small cannot earn its worth without a perfect team! Business team building involves not only sharing the gains but also risks. Every team member has to understand his or her individual accountability.

Team Building in an Office

An office is a closed unit with individuals associated with each other through some or the other functions. For a proper flow of information there is a necessity that every member takes up the responsibility for the job assigned. Coordination here becomes important because of the dependency on each other.

Management Team Building

A management team basically avoids the concentration of powers with a single person. It is obvious that team building at this level is an example to be ser for rest of the members of the organization. Management team can be built by distribution of authorities equally among the members. Conflicts should be resolved wasting no time and should not percolate down the line.

Corporate Team Building

Corporate level team building involves lot of efforts. It is regarding managing teams from the lower to the higher level in the hierarchy. Constant motivating activities need to be organized like the following: Games, Social gatherings, Picnics, Seminars etc. During such activities people get to understand each other better and that is how teams develop.

What are the Skills Behind Building a Successful Team?

A team with unhealthy conflicts, malice, lack of trust and selfish motives has no future. The real skill lies behind building a team with qualities like high performance, good coordination, and issue solving capabilities with selfless motives. This does sound to be a ‘dream’ team but certainly not impossible to find. The following are some tips to build an effective team:

  • There should be clarity of the goals assigned to every member of the team. Who is expected to carry what task and by when should be made very distinct. It would be even more motivating to assign task as per the interest and skill of the member.
  • Queries and confusions need to be cleared as and when they come without any delay.
  • Every member has to realize about what he or she is responsible for. Authority should not be shared with more than an individual to avoid conflicts.
  • A sense of loyalty and openness needs to exist between the leader and the team members. This can be built by organizing informal gatherings or trips to improve rapport among the members.
  • Personal issues should not be a hindrance in professional life.
  • The team leader should not keep information blocked from some members or have any kind of biased approached. Everyone should be kept well informed regarding any situation.
  • Words of gratitude and appreciation have their own magic in strengthening the bond so one should not shy away in using words like ‘Thank you’, ‘Sorry’, ‘Good job’ etc.
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