Weird Laws Around the World

There are a number of laws in different places that are funny, stupid and some are downright idiotic. No one might know the reason behind their creation. However here is a list of some weird laws around the world.
| Monday, October 27, 2008
There are a number of countries that have a large number of weird laws. Some evoke a response of "is this real?" and others evoke genuine laughter. Here is a list of such laws in different places.

Weird Laws in United States
  • In Los Angeles a waiter serving a customer cannot tell the individual that he is in reality an actor and it is illegal to do so.
  • Indiana law doesn’t allow people to dress up in clothes of Ken and Barbie
  • Samoa makes it criminal for anyone who forgets his wife’s birthday
  • Kentucky does not allow you by law to paint your lawn red.
  • In Vermont it is illegal for people to pick their noses and stick the pickings underneath the table.
  • Tennessee makes it illegal for anyone to tell a person who smokes to quit smoking.
  • In Oregon the rule requires the holes in donuts to be at least 1/8th inch in diameter.
  • South Carolina does not allow unmarried women to buy edible panties.
  • Connecticut does not allow night watchmen from consuming decaf coffee while they are on duty.
  • Montana makes it illegal to tear the phone book in half
  • Arkansas prohibits women who are marrying for the second time to wear a wedding gown that is white
  • In Pennsylvania it is illegal to attach a dollar on to a string and putting it on the ground and yanking it if someone attempts to pick it up.
  • New York makes it illegal for any restaurant to call a sandwich made from white bread and mayonnaise as "corned beef sandwich"
  • In Ohio getting fish drunk is not legal
  • In Alaska giving alcoholic beverages to a moose is illegal
  • Also in Alaska pushing a live moose out of a moving airplane is considered an offense
  • In Texas threatening someone with an unloaded gun is illegal
  • Taking more than three sips of beer while standing is not permitted
  • Encyclopedia Britannica is banned in this region since it has formula to make beer at home.
  • Wearing a fake mustache in a church that causes laughter is not allowed in Alabama
  • Also in Jasper, Alabama a husband cannot legally beat his wife with a stick that has a diameter larger than his thumb
  • In Arizona donkeys sleeping in bathtubs is considered illegal
  • In Arizona if a person is caught while stealing soap then such a person is required to wash himself till the soap is entirely used up.
  • In Sedona, Arizona region it is illegal for people to lie about their astrological signs
  • In California if a smoothie is sold with lumps in it then it amounts to breaking the law
  • In California riding a bicycle in the swimming pool is considered illegal.
  • In Los Angeles it is illegal to lick a toad
  • Devon makes it illegal for people to walk backwards after the sunset
  • If you try to cross a road in Hartford on your hands it is an offense
  • Cleveland makes it illegal for anyone to drive while sitting on another person’s lap.
  • If you slurp soup in public in New Jersey then you can be arrested
  • Zoin City in Illinois has a law that indicates that a person cannot make faces at any individual.
  • In Wyoming a policeman is allowed to bite a dog that is barking to get him to be quiet.
  • In Idaho it is illegal for any person to give a box of chocolates to his sweetheart that is less than 50 pounds in weight
  • Owensboro, Kentucky makes it illegal for a woman to buy a new hat for her husband without her husband trying it on first.
  • Goldfish are allowed to ride in buses in Seattle if they keep still.
  • New York requires people to get a license to use a clothesline outside the house.
  • Carmel, New York makes it illegal for an individual to venture outside if the jacket and trousers he is wearing are not matching.
  • A law passed in Washington states that it is illegal for anyone to paint polka dots on the American flag.
  • California has banned animals from mating in an area that is within 1500 ft of a school or pub or any place of worship.
  • Kentucky does not allow women to wear a bathing suit on the highway and this is allowed only if she has two police officers as escorts or at least is armed with a club.
  • Clinton county, Ohio imposes a fine on any individual who is caught leaning against a public building
  • Kenosha, Wisconsin makes it illegal for a person to have an erection in public even if the person is wearing clothes.
  • Kansas makes it illegal for any person to swim wearing a bathing suit that is polka dotted before 12.00 noon
Weird Laws in Britain
  • London requires Hackney taxis to carry a sack of oats along with a bale of hay.
  • Getting drunk in pubs or clubs is illegal
  • Having mince pie during the Christmas day is illegal
  • In York a person can shoot a Scotsman with bow and arrows on all days except on a Sunday
  • Liverpool makes it illegal for any women to appear topless in public unless she is a clerk in some tropical fish store.
  • If a person sleeps with a consort of the queen then it amounts to treason and is punishable with the death sentence.
  • If the postage stamp of the queen is placed upside down that is also considered as a treason.
Weird Laws in Australia
  • A person is not allowed to roam on the streets wearing black clothes and felt shoes together with black shoe polish on the face as these are worn by cat burglars
  • Naming an animal that you plan to eat is illegal in Australia
  • Walking on the right hand side of the pavement is illegal
  • Victoria makes it illegal for people to wear shorts that are hot pink on Sunday after midday.
Weird Laws in Canada
  • In Alberta, there is a city law that states that any person being released from prison must be given a handgun with bullets, and a horse so that they can ride out of town.
  • British Columbia makes it illegal for anyone to kill a sasquatch
  • Hartland, New Brunswick does not allow people to make jokes of those that have mustaches unless their first name starts with "A" and last name starts with "N".
  • Toronto makes it illegal for people to drag a horse that is dead down the Yonge Street on a Sunday.
Weird Laws in Denmark
  • Before any person starts the car a check needs to be made to ensure that there are no children under the car.
  • While driving someone is needed to be present before the car with a flag so that horse drawn carriages can be warned about the car.
Weird Laws in Scotland
  • Being drunk and being in possession of a cow is illegal
  • In case of some crimes a person is automatically presumed guilty unless it is otherwise proven that he is innocent.
Weird Laws in Switzerland
  • Flushing the toilet after 10 pm where the person lives in an apartment is illegal.
  • A man is not allowed to relieve himself while he is standing up after 20 pm
Weird Laws in France
  • In Cannes, France, wearing a Jerry Lewis mask is illegal
Weird Laws in Thailand
  • Stepping on the nation's currency is illegal
Weird Laws in Portugal
  • Portugal makes it illegal to pee in the ocean
Weird Laws in Italy
  • In Italy anyone who is regarded as obese is not allowed to wear polyester.
Note: Some of the laws might be changed or a bit incorrect. Reader's discretion is advised.
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Mysterygirl on Sunday, December 29, 2013
No Photo
Ok i live in alberta and i have never heard of that law and no one rides horses anymore.
Solarfolf on Saturday, July 14, 2012
No Photo
Awww. guess i need to find a new road to drag my dead horses on. :-/
Amy on Wednesday, February 23, 2011
No Photo
What the hell ?? im australian and i live in victoria ,, we are not banned from wearing hot pink shorts on any day ?? get your facts right idiots !
» Zooo replies to Amy on Sunday, February 27, 2011
No Photo
May be you didn't get caught?
Philipthet on Tuesday, January 11, 2011
No Photo
I live in toronto and i no no one would do that unless they want to have every eye on them
Rachel on Friday, October 8, 2010
No Photo
None of the laws for britain even exist, espechially getting drunk in pubs or clubs is illegal!!!. i did laugh quite a bit though!.
» Synyster replies to Rachel on Saturday, November 27, 2010
No Photo
The laws for england are true
Lildally on Friday, October 1, 2010
No Photo
Umm ok i live in canada and yah them so called laws are so ghetto but halarious sounding im reading em out to my sister just burting out laughing!!
Ciel Park on Wednesday, July 21, 2010
No Photo
It's so funny, i think. isn't it?
Bcoop on Monday, July 19, 2010
No Photo
That law in albera is so fake whoever posted these are stupid
» Bikerpunk64 replies to Bcoop on Thursday, January 6, 2011
No Photo
Actually it's true. it's a law in calgary that still exists, but is no longer practiced. there's also a law that states it is legal to shoot a native person from a covered wagon, on a sunday.
Mischa on Wednesday, June 9, 2010
No Photo
I live in italy and the law for obese people is not true.
Aussie Chick on Wednesday, December 9, 2009
No Photo
Where did the research for these weird laws come from? i've been an australian citizen for 30 years and have never once heard of any of those australian laws. then again most of them are things that sane people just wouldn't do anyway..
» Proud Aussie replies to Aussie chick on Monday, July 4, 2011
No Photo
Aussiechick, walking on the right hand side of the pavement is illegal. it is real and just common sense. we drive on the left, we walk on the left. it's a very old law. being electric wheelchair bound, i stay on the left and don't move. i always travel away from shop doors. if some1 is walking toward me, i make them go around me.