Home Remedies for Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants like termites can prove to be a huge menace. Besides professional services home remedies can help in dealing with this problem. This article would describe on how can you get rid of carpenter ants with some easy home remedies.
| Friday, November 28, 2008
Carpenter ants are aggressive creatures that can wreck havoc since they are known to create cavities within wood. Unlike termites these do not eat wood but drill deep within wood to create or establish their nest. While professional services would help you to get rid of carpenter ants there are some simple home remedies that can be implemented by you easily and are quite effective as well. However to effectively treat this problem it is important to identify the areas affected by this problem. Quite often the menace of carpenter ants occurs through cable and electricity lines because the carpenter ants use these to move into the wood in the house. One of the preliminary ways to get rid of carpenter ants is to clear any bushes or trees in the immediate vicinity of the house.  List of Home Remedies for Carpenter Ants:
  • Once the nest of these carpenter ants is located; one way to clear this problem is by using hot water to drench the nest and destroy it. A large colony of these carpenter ants can be recognized through a crunching noise that can ordinarily be heard.

  • If this colony of carpenter ants is smaller in size then these can be destroyed by spraying pesticides commonly available in the market.

  • Usually you will find nests of these carpenter ants in places that are moist so these can be found in moist wood areas, leaking roofs etc. To get rid of these problems identify all moist areas and fix any leaky faucets. Also clear all clutter and any rotting wood since this helps these ants to build their nest.

  • One of the effective ways to get rid of carpenter ant nests is to drill holes within the wall. Let these holes be 1/8 inch in size and fill these holes with boric acid. Drill these holes on either side of a nest and fill boric acid in it.

  • Diatomaceous earth can be used as one of the ways to get rid of carpenter ants and this can be done by mixing it with boric acid and this mixture can be used to treat the nest by sprinkling it on the nest.

  • You can also mix garlic powder with some white vinegar and spray it around within the house since this can act as a powerful repellent. Castor sugar and powdered borax can also be used as bait for the carpenter ants.

  • White gravel can be used to deter the carpenter ants by putting this around the house. Since white gravel tends to be dry it can prove to be a natural barrier to the ants.

  • In extreme cases huge nests of carpenter ants may be located in the foundations within your house. If this happens then the only way to resolve this problem is by replacing the foundation of the house.

  • You can mix honey with boric acid and place it as bait. This can help in resolving the problem since carpenter ants will be attracted to the honey and the boric acid will kill them.

  • Peppermint soap can be used as one of the ways to get rid of carpenter ants. Ants will be repelled because of the smell and this can be used to wash the area where this problem is detected.

  • Black pepper can be used and spread around the house and affected area. This can also act as a perfect deterrent to this menace.
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