Types of Bone Cancer

As the name suggests, bone cancer occurs in the bones of human beings. Read on to know about the different types of bone cancer.
| Wednesday, November 19, 2008
Life isn’t a cakewalk and all of us who have been blessed with the opportunity to be a part of this universe know this fact and have accepted it happily or grudgingly. Disease, illness, pain and suffering is something we strife so hard to remove and find a cure for and yet it’s there causing pain to someone, somewhere. In this article we will be talking about the types of bone cancer, just so that you are well informed about this type of cancer. 

Also known as primary bone cancer, bone cancer is a type of cancer that occurs in the hard bone tissues as well as the cartilage tissues present in human bones. Bone cancer or primary bone cancer is rare. Not only that, it also differs from other cancers like the ones that develop in other organs located in the body and then later spread to the bones or the bone marrow cells. This type of cancer usually develops in any bone of the body, but is most common in the long bones that are located in the arms and legs. Apart from this it is also important to remember that bone cancer can happen at any age, but is most common in young adults and children. If bone cancer is not treated on time, it can spread to other organs of the body or bones.

To understand more about bone cancer we could need to understand the human body. Basically there are 206 bones in the human body which together with the ligaments and cartilage form a supporting framework for the body. Each bone that is located in the body is made up of three layers of tissue which is contained in each mature bone. These three tissues are the compact tissue, cancellous tissue and the subchondral tissue. Apart from tissues, the bone cells are the osteoblast and the osteoclast. Another important component of human bones is the bone marrow. This part of the human body contains cells that form blood, fibroplasts, plasma cells, reticuloendothelial cells and a mixture of fat cells. There is also the cartilage that helps in the movement of the joints by acting as a cushion.

Types of Bone Cancer

  • Obsteosarcama
    This is a type of bone cancer that occurs in the bones of young people who are aged between 10 and 30. About 10% cases occur in people who belong to the age group of 60 and 70 too. This type of cancer most often begins in the bones of the legs, arms or the pelvis.
  • Chondrosarcoma
    This type of cancer is the second most common type and happens in the cartilage cells. People who are over the age of 20 are at a greater risk of developing this type of bone cancer. Both men and women are at a risk of getting this type of bone cancer.
  • Ewing’s Sarcoma
    Named after Dr.James Ewing the doctor who described this cancer in 1921, this type of bone cancer forms in the immature nerve tissues that form the middle part of the bone. Ewing’s Sarcoma affects the bones that are located in the pelvic area, ribs, arms and upper legs and occurs in teenagers and children.
  • Fibrosarcoma and Malignant Fibrous Histiocytoma
    This type of bone cancer is rare and usually starts in the soft tissues that surround the bone. This bone cancer usually happens to adults who are middle-aged and older.
  • Giant Cell Tumors
    This is another type of bone cancer. Giant cell tumors often develop as benign tumors that occur in the bones present in the arms and legs. This bone disease is most common in adults who are young and middle-aged. Among these cell tumors, less than 10 % turn out to be malignant. These malignant tumors go through a change and are capable of spreading to other organs.
  • Adamantinomas
    This type of bone cancer is one that occurs in the bones located in the shin.
  • Chordoma
    This is a kind of primary bone cancer that takes place in the skull or spine bones. This kind of bone cancer is mostly found in adults who are over the age of 30, especially men. Chrodoma is a cancer that grows slowly and usually remains confined to one part of the body only. Of course in situations when it does spread; this cancer does so in places like the lymph nodes, liver and lungs. If this cancer is not removed properly, there are chances of it recurring.
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