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Ayurvedic spa treatments are rooted in decades-old Ayurvedic therapies that encourage equilibrium and happiness in your life. The invigorating and healing treatments provide are tailored to your specific requirements. Read on to know more about natural healing with the help of Ayurvedic spas.
| Monday, February 22, 2010
Excess of anything is never too good. That's the reason why in the middle of all your estimations and discussions, you require finding comforting moments to revitalize your spirit and senses. And what can help draw you nearer to a fair condition than the practice of Ayurveda, the quintessence of whose values is the theory of equilibrium through nourishment, lifestyle and massage, together with the renowned Shirodhara therapy.

In Jakarta, one Ayurvedic spa devotes itself to following the Ayurveda path. Plainly called as Spa Ayurveda, this Ayurvedic resort which is a tranquil retreat is situated in the peaceful and green Menteng region. Reassuring calm is instantaneously experienced when one goes into this Ayurvedic resort. Plain, innate decoration in light, comforting shades is the subject sustained all through this Ayurvedic spa. Perched flowers and candles improve the compete ambiance.

At the moment, this Ayurvedic resort has 4 treatment chambers. 2 of them are dedicated to the Ayurvedic spa's signature massage treatments, while the other two are utilized to give facials, in addition to beauty salon services for example waxing and threading. even though presently a petite, self limited maneuver, the spa owners have schemes for development, together with the amalgamation of a individual spot to be made use of as a yoga studio.

The Ayurvedic massage rooms are fundamentally Asian in decoration, with wood canopy beds bedecked with flowers and conventional material. The detail oriented bed is balanced by the pastel shades of the walls, therefore building a sense of calmness and capaciousness. besides the 4 rooms, there is a middle, salon-like spot where foot and head massages are given, in addition to beauty salon services for hair and nails, making this Ayurvedic spa a one stop beauty destination for all gorgeousness needs.

Prior to getting any Ayurvedic massage treatment from the spa, fresher must undergo an easy discussion sitting to decide which dosha they belong to. This is a necessary element of Shirodhara therapy. Dosha is a body formation one inherits at birth. The doshas are split into Kapha (earth / water), Vata (air / space) and Pitta (fire). Each dosha needs diverse Ayurvedic treatments to make the most of its advantageous impacts. For instance, every dosha has its individual unique massage oil and if the incorrect oil is utilized to cure an individual, it might fade away too rapidly or will not be immersed by the body in any way.

The Ayurvedic massage therapy stays exact to the bona fide Abhayangam procedure which varies in approach from the Indonesian Ayurvedic massage provided at the most of the Ayurvedic spas in Jakarta . The conventional Indonesian Ayurvedic massage makes use of extended strokes, with application of force and a somewhat pinching method. After the Ayurvedic massage, a revitalizing herbal steam bath is suggested which concurrently exploits the assimilation of the oil and removes contaminants from the organism.

The massage oils utilized in Ayurvedic spas play a very significant part in the treatments. All kinds of oil are made from a permutation of as many as 40 - 50 diverse herbs, mixed collectively for the most positive impacts.

Majority of Ayurvedic Spas visitors are emigrants and Menteng inhabitants who are typically the embassy's officers. It can be assumed that the Spa Ayurveda is rather an amiable, well-kept hush-hush. Nonetheless, everybody requires equilibrium in their lives and it's about time that they acquire a flavor of the unique Ayurvedic massage method. In addition, being acquainted with your dosha is, definitely, a pretty fun experience.  


Your therapist will utilize precise oils, herbs, and aromas selected to offer you with most favorable equilibrium and nourishment for your soul-body foundation. All Ayurvedic therapies are innate, mild, and pleasantly enjoyable.

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