Top 10 Unique Christmas Gifts for Men and Women

Christmas is a magical time and this wonderful celebration allows people to express their love, affection and gratitude for their friends and family through gifts. This article will suggest some interesting and unique Christmas gifts for men and women.
| Wednesday, December 24, 2008
Christmas is an exciting time of the year. This is the time for families to get together and celebrate the festive spirit of this special occasion. Gifts and gift giving is an important tradition of Christmas. Gifts allow people to express their love and gratitude towards their near and dear ones. There are no perfect gifts as different people have different interests and preferences. Therefore it is always advisable to buy something keeping in mind the interests of the particular person.

10 Most Unique Christmas Gifts for Men

Sports and Concert Tickets
Men enjoy watching sports and nothing can be more interesting than watching their favorite teams and sports live. Many men are also deeply interested in concerts and so gifting tickets to their favorite sports games or rock concerts can be a wonderful idea.

Electronic Products/Gadgets
Nothing can get a man as excited as the latest electronic gadget. So DVD players or the latest Bose headphone sets can be wonderful Christmas gifts for men. If you want to splurge then you can gift your guy products like the Apple iphone, a palm pilot and if your guy is an avid gamer then you can gift him the Wii Nintendo or a playstation. You can also gift him an Ipod or a great CD player.

Women are more in tune with the dressing styles and current fashion trends. So you can always gift your man some trendy clothes.

Espresso Machine
If your guy is the kind who loves his morning cup of espresso then you can gift him an espresso machine and he is bound to think of you every time he gets that freshly brewed cup for himself.

Cologne can amongst the best Christmas gifts for men and this gift will just make your guy seem even more irresistible. Men also love to feel appreciated and the knowledge that a great scent makes them even more attractive will make your guy appreciate this gift.

Power Tools
Men take a lot of pride in the work they do around the house. Whether it is fixing the door or making a wonderful new cabinet nothing can be more interesting for men than working with a bunch of power tools. A wide range of hand and power tools are available in the market and these can prove to be fabulous Christmas gifts for men.

DVD Collection
If your guy loves watching movies then you can gift him a set of his favorite DVDs. It will be a wonderful personalized gesture when you gift him his favorite movies.

If your guy loves music then you can make a CD of his favorite tracks and gift it to him. Better still you can give him a little hamper that not only includes all his favorite music tracks and CDs but also a CD player with a good set of headphones.

A bath robe can be a wonderful gift for those men who love to lounge around the house. You can pick up a lovely and comfortable bath robe for your guy and he will think of you every time he wears it.

Wallets and Accessories
Wallets and accessories can be great Christmas gifts for men. You can get a wide range of wallets in different designs and materials from expensive leather to something more affordable.

10 Most Unique Christmas Gifts for Women

Selecting gifts for women can be a challenging job. Flowers and chocolates have always been popular with women and have been extensively given as gifts but there are some Christmas gifts for women that can beautifully express your sentiments.

Jewellery and watches
Jewellery and diamonds in particular will never lose their popularity with women. Most women love jewellery and so this can be a wonderful gift for your girl. You can easily find something that will fit your budget. A lovely ring or a bracelet or a beautiful pendant can be amongst the best Christmas gifts for women. You can also gift your girl is sleek and sexy watch.

Electronic products/Gadgets
Many women are just as passionate about gadgets as men. Some love music and if that is the case then you can gift her a lovely Ipod or an Mp3 player. You can also gift her a nice digital camera that will allow her to capture images in high resolution.

Kitchen Appliances
If your girl is passionate about cooking and kitchen in general then you can quite easily gift her the latest kitchen appliance. It will just make her life easier and she will be grateful for your concern and love.

Recipe Books
If your woman has particular interest in learning new recipes and new styles of cooking then you can gift her a hamper with recipe books.

Cosmetic and Spa Products
Women love to be pampered. Cosmetics and spa products can be fantastic Christmas gifts for women. You can gift her the latest lip gloss  that is available in the market or then you can give her a basket of some lovely spa products. The gift basket can have shower gels and shampoos and maybe some aromatic oils that can help your girl soak in a heavenly bubble bath.

Aromatic Candles
Many women love candles and you can easily gift your girl some elegant aromatic candles in different shapes. You can also gift her candles put in colored glasses.

Hair Straightener
Women straighten their hair on a daily basis and a beautiful Iron straightener will be a great Christmas gift for your girl. There are a large number of straighteners available in the market and these allow for straigtening, curling and adding styles to the hair in a matter of minutes.

Perfumes have always been a favourite with women and can be great Christmas gifts for women. You can select a sweet and sensual fragrance for your girl and she will always appreciate it.

Photo frames
Women are emotional and tend to invest a whole lot of energy in their relationships. What better way to express your love for your woman than by gifting her a photo frame that can permanently capture your memories as a couple. You can select a photo frame that is elegant and has a stylish finish and if you want to splurge you can also get a frame that is gold plated. Likewise you can also get digital frames that can store a collection of photos.

If you girl loves music then you can write a CD of her favourite songs as a gift. She is bound to think of you as she listens to those songs.