Sweetest Day Gift Ideas

On sweetest day people convey their appreciation and affection for their family and other loved ones through gifts and cards. There are number of different gifts you can give out to your family and friends. Read on to learn about some sweetest day gift ideas.
| Tuesday, November 11, 2008
Sweetest Day has a long standing history and tradition associated with it. Initially this day was started by a person named Herbert Kingston. He was working in a candy company and he wanted to do something different and special for the needy and ignored people among the general public. For this purpose he sent sweets and candies to orphans and sick people and from that day Sweetest Day was earmarked as a celebratory day. Modern day variation of this celebration sees people give gifts and special sweetest day cards to their families and friends as a form of their appreciation for the support and love they get from them. This day is widely followed and celebrated in certain regions of the US such as Ohio and also in the Northeast areas. Here are some sweetest day gift ideas that you can use to tell your family and friends just how much you appreciate them.
  • Chocolate: When you talk about an occasion like sweetest day then giving chocolates to your loved ones only seems natural. You can easily give chocolates in various shapes and flavours as sweetest day gifts. You can also send chocolate boxes to orphanages and celebrate the real spirit of this beautiful day. You can give chocolates packed in heart shaped boxes to your loved ones and that will beautifully convey your emotions.
  • Flowers: Another beautiful way to celebrate sweetest day would be to gift flowers to your loved ones. You can buy a bunch of beautiful red roses for your sweetheart and a box of chocolates. You can add a personalised note containing some romantic poem or a lovely quote while gifting the flowers and the chocolates. Leaving little notes all over the house for your partner conveying your emotions on this special day along with little trinkets and other sweetest day gifts can add a lovely touch to this celebration. Just ensure that the notes and little gifts are left at places where your partner is bound to find them in the course of his/her usual activities.
  • Candles: Candles in different shapes, colours and sizes can also be lovely sweetest day gifts. You can easily gift customised and handcrafted candles in different shapes and scents to your loved ones.
  • You can make gift baskets for your loved ones and include flowers and chocolates in these baskets. You can also give a customised photo frame that contains your picture with the person as a reminder of the beautiful relationship that you share with each other. You can also make some homemade cookies and gift the same as a part of the gift basket.
  • You can also organise a small picnic or family outing and take fresh home cooked food and this can be a wonderful way to bond with the family. You can also bake a cake for your loved ones.
  • Another wonderful way to celebrate sweetest day would be to cook breakfast and serve it in bed for your partner. Or then you can whisk away your partner on an extended romantic getaway.
  • If you are in particular mood to splurge then you can gift your partner a day at the local spa or salon and then greet her with flowers and special sweetest day cards. If you want something less expensive then you can always take her out for dinner and end the evening on a high note with a handwritten love letter.
  • Women love jewellery so gifting a necklace or earrings can also be a wonderful way to celebrate sweetest day. You can also give gift certificates to your family and friends so that they can shop for whatever they want. The ladies can easily gift their partners’ cologne, tie or an elegant watch.
  • Another wonderful sweetest day gift idea would be to make multiple cards for your partner, each card talking about the growth in your relationship right from the time you first met each other and the way your relationship progressed.  
  •  You can also make personalised CDs for your family members and loved ones each containing their favourite selection of songs. If the ladies wish to splurge then they can gift their partners’ video games or other electronic items.
  •  You can also watch your favourite romantic movie with your partner or get the concert tickets to some show that your partner always wanted to watch.