Gifts for Mother's Day

Do you want to make your mother feel special on Mother's day? Are you confused regarding the gift that you can select for her? Learn about some unique gifts that you give to your mother for all that she has done for you and the family.
| Monday, May 11, 2009
Remember the time you had your first accident on your new bicycle. You walked into the house with scraped knees and your mother spent the whole afternoon tending to your wounds. Or the time you fell ill with a viral infection and your mother was up all night keeping a vigil and just having her in that room made you feel that things would get better soon.
Perhaps this is what makes mothers such special individuals. It is perhaps only a mother who is capable of absolute unconditional love and acceptance. Such a warm and caring person deserves a celebration and mother’s day is just the occasion for people to express their appreciation and love for their mothers.The history of mother’s day can be traced back to the Greeks when celebrations and festivals were earmarked and offerings were made to the mother of Gods. The Greeks made offerings to Rhea and the Romans celebrated in the honour of Cybele.  In the United States this day was initially marked to generate awareness about the cause of mothers and theirhealth. Over a period of time Mother’s day evolved to its present form where people look at it as a way to express their appreciation and gratitude for all that they have received from their mothers. Mother’s day is observed on the second Sunday in the month of May. Here are some lovely mother’s day gift ideas that you can use to celebrate and honour the presence of this special person in your life.
  • One great way to celebrate Mother’s day would be for you to make a wonderful breakfast for your mother. She would be delighted and touched if you can serve some waffles or pancakes with maple syrup and coffee or fresh juice. Add a personal touch with some carnations or roses arranged on the breakfast table and a handwritten note expressing your affection for this wonderful woman. If you find it difficult to express your emotions you can always pick up some mother’s day cards.
  • A number of stores these days specialise in mother’s day jewellery and you can easily buy something beautiful jerellery for your mother. You can gift her a beautiful locket or necklace or then some lovely charm bracelets. It would be even more poignant if you can gift her a locket or a bracelet that is heart shaped. Some lockets and bracelets can be designed to hold photos of loved ones and you can easily gift her that. Diamonds will always be a woman’s best friend and remember she is the first woman in your life.  So go right ahead and buy her some diamonds.
  • You can also gift her an antique jewellery box or a makeup kit. Sleek and elegant watches also make great gifts for mother’s day.
  • If you want to create something beautiful you can get a lovely photo album and decorate it with photos of your mother. Let it be a reflection of her life and her journey right from her photos as a child to the time she graduated and got married and eventually her photos with you and the other family members.  Alternatively you can get customised digital photo frames that are available in the market and you can gift her that.
  • You can also arrange for your mother to spend a day in a spa or a salon getting pampered and looked after or then gift her a home spa set. Some other mother’s day gift ideas can include gift certificates of her favourite stores so that she can go and buy whatever she likes.
  • If your mother has been a working woman and continues to work then you can gift her lovely leather bag that can easily contain all her professional and personal belongings. And if you want to splurge why not get her a notebook.
  • If you have moved out of your home and are staying away from your family then you can gift your mother a cell phone if she doesn’t have one. That would be a wonderful way to remain connected with your mother.
  • Another wonderful way to celebrate this day would be for you take your mother to a fine dining restaurant and spend some quality time with her. You can greet her with flowers or maybe a gift basket that will contain an assortment of small and lovely gifts like chocolates, cards, candles among other items.