Gift Ideas for 50th Wedding Anniversary

A 50th wedding anniversary is a beautiful moment that deserves a grand celebration. This is the moment for a couple to truly express their gratitude and love towards each other. This article will share some fabulous gift ideas for 50th wedding anniversary celebrations.
| Tuesday, December 16, 2008
Celebrating the 50th wedding anniversary can be a rare and beautiful moment in a couple’s life. Such a marriage is a standing testimony of the commitment, of facing all the trials and tribulations of life and overcoming all problems and issues. Truly speaking every anniversary gives a couple time to contemplate on the journey they have travelled together. Anniversaries are occasions where people express their appreciation towards their partners. It also allows people around them to celebrate this occassion. Wedding anniversary gifts are used as expressions of this appreciation. Since 50th wedding anniversary is such a momentous occasion it often includes elaborate celebrations on part of the families. The children of the couple and the extended family often express their joy through a party organized either at home or in a restaurant. The gifts that are given to the couple  and that the couple give each other should also be special echoing the beauty of the bond they share.

Some gift ideas for 50th wedding anniversary include:
  • Since the 50th wedding anniversary is the absolute symbol of love and marital union what better way to celebrate this occasion than through renewing of the marital bonds. Nothing is more romantic than saying "I do" all over again. It would be a beautiful journey back in time. You can choose to have custom wedding bands made for each other to symbolize the commitment. Since it is the golden wedding anniversary you could have the bands made in gold.
  • If you are planning to have a party to celebrate this occasion then you could just as easily re-create the menu that was planned the day you first got married. It would a beautiful and poignant moment that will take you down memory lane. For the party you could have a gold theme to go along with this celebration. You could have beautiful flowers and centerpieces and gold tablecloth. You could then make a toast with some wonderful wine once you have renewed your vows.
  • If you want to gift something different from the usual and traditional wedding anniversary gifts then you could gift yourself a vacation to a destination that you always wanted to visit. Imagine spending time in a romantic place like Paris while you are celebrating your 50th wedding anniversary.  For those who have a lower budget you could just as easily get tickets to a favorite movie or theatre performance and surprise your husband/wife with this gift.
  • A gold plated photo frame can be amongst the best 50th wedding anniversary gifts. You could gift it to your wife/husband and put a photo of you as a couple in the frame. Alternatively you could get a digital frame and load all your favorite photos to celebrate your journey as a couple right from the day you got married to the day you had your child and they had their children. The relatives and family members can easily gift this digital frame to the couple. It will serve as a wonderful journey of the 50 years that that the couple has spent together.
  • Another wonderful wedding anniversary idea for the couple is to take the wife/husband for a wonderful romantic dinner to her/his favorite restaurant. You could also start this special day by making a breakfast in bed for your partner. Wives in particular will appreciate it deeply if their husbands help them in the chores on this day. You could give a beautiful single rose with some golden dust at the start of this lovely day.
  • You could also made a CD of your favorite songs as a couple right from the day you got married to celebrate every year that you spent together. You could have 50 songs with each song reflecting a particular year of your journey in the marriage.
  • You could also gift your partner a personalized quilt or pillow cover with your photos as a couple stitched in the quilt or you could also get a painting made of you as a couple.
  • Another wonderful gift would be a day of luxurious pampering for the couple at a local spa. Likewise a lovely music box playing their favorite tunes could also act a suitable gift for the occasion.
  • Friends, relatives and children could arrange for the couple to spend a day doing their favorite activity. It could be personalized golf lessons or pottery lessons.
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