Team Building Activities for Kids

Children can witness vast advantage from the accommodating character of team building activities. These activities provide manifold prospects for kids to develop not only as teams, but as individuals, too. Team-building activities let kids know each other in a fun, but demanding environment. It further leads to boost in the cohesiveness and efficiency of teams.
| Monday, February 09, 2009

Importance of Team Building Activities

The most excellent way to teach kids diverse principles and morality of life is through fun and games. This has been verified to be a significant tool, giving children a realistic learning knowledge, which is stored in their memories forever. Just like when a child is taught how to plant seeds and look after their plants, by doing it themselves, likewise games also assist them in learning some precious lessons of life, which they would unquestionably need at all phases of life.

Group activities are a wonderful method for kids to get to interact with their peers and commence the procedure of learning how to work collectively while having fun. Team building activities are motivating, analytical tasks intended to assist children in expanding their aptitude to work as one.

These activities are made interesting with the help of an active facilitator. Diverse team building activities initiated in diverse ways with various groups of kids leads to a wide array of experience and mental growth.

Ideas For Team Building Activities

Group Sports: This is probably the finest and the best mode to instill team spirit or a team-building inclination in children. It is to persuade them to play group sports. Soccer, cricket, baseball, volleyball, or any other games that children can take pleasure in, jointly as a team, have a tendency to infuse a sense of team building in them.

Tug of War

Tug of War is an ancient game which helps children in developing team building spirits. Children find it as a grand resource of amusement as well. To formulate this effortless game into more fascinating, you can change it by making it a multi-way tug-of-war instead of the traditional two-way-tug-of-war.

Paint the Town Red

For this one, you can distribute among children, some blank sheets or canvas along with paint sheets and brushes. Further you can ask them to jointly make an image, which should be painted collectively. You can also make compound groups and make it a contest, which would promote children to do better.

Cook and Bake

Start by providing a cooking task to the squad of children. For younger kids, keep the task effortless, like making salads or sandwiches or decorating cookies. For older children who can manage using kitchen utensils, like oven, allocate complex tasks. Ask the children to cook up a whole meal starting with the appetizers, followed by the main course, the side dishes and the desserts. Also make sure that you or a guardian invigilate the whole process.

Treasure Hunt

Most of us can recall this game in our own childhood. It is a fun game where each team gets hints that lead to the next target where the next hint is concealed. The hunt for the treasure prolongs till the team finds all the hints and the final treasure as well. This game requires a sound team co-ordination and cooperative movement; this is an uncomplicated and fun game that inculcates team-building spirit amongst children.

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