Inexpensive Christmas Gift Ideas

It is tough to shop for cheap and inexpensive gifts when you have like a hundred ideas hovering your mind. Choosing a appropriate and lovely gift can however make someone's day that extra special. Here are some unique and inexpensive gifts which can fit your budget and which can make someone really happy this Christmas.
| Monday, November 17, 2008

Christmas is one of the most exciting and fun filled occasion for everyone. It is also one of the largest celebrated festivals in the world today. Christmas brings us together with family and friends' union and helps us create an ever lasting bond of love and trust. During the Christmas season we often struggle to plan properly on decorations, buying or even choosing gifts. We always have to ensure that everything fits our budget and helps us save and utilize our money effectively. With this article I would help you choose some quick inexpensive gifts for this coming Christmas festival.

Music CDs

Someone has rightly said that music is life and music can cure any sort of mental obstacles. You can compile a list of favorite songs that is liked by the person you are going to gift and burn it on a compact disc. There are lots of fancy CD shapes available in the market like the heart shaped CD which would help you create that extra special effect. Wrap it in a satin cloth (if you have one handy), add some sparkle dust, box pack it and finally tie a nice ribbon around - a lovely gift, ain't it"


Now who in the world doesn't love chocolates (except diabetics, I suppose). Just shop around and you will find a lot of chocolate varieties which comes in all shapes, sizes and flavors. Pick some varieties, wrap each in a glow paper, arrange in a nice glass tray or perhaps a basket and finally gift it with a rainbow ribbon.


Gifting plain T-Shirts would be pretty dumb, you obviously need to get a message across. You can buy a plain white t-shirt and print some stuff upon it which can make for an excellent gift. Printing can simply be done with the help of iron-on-transfer paper and an ink-jet printer. You can print the name of the person to whom you are gifting, photo of his or her favorite singer may be or even a picture of you two together. You can also go for creating custom color patterns through embroidery.

Photo Frame

Gifting a photo frame is quite inexpensive though an effective gift for sure. Get the photo of the person to whom you are gifting or a photo of you two together and fix it in a beautiful frame. This can simply be wrapped up in a wrapping paper and gifted with a ribbon or perhaps you can go one step further and use photoshop to create exciting photo effects - may be like a sketch and then print and fix in a photo frame.

Books and Pens

Books and pens are the most traditional gifts but they do add a special meaning to the gift. People can carry these gifts around with them wherever they go and you will always be remembered for that lovely fountain pen or the best-selling book you gifted. Decide what he or she likes, hit, browse and sort the best-selling charts on that topic and simply gift order it. You can even get some sort of discounts with some stores if you buy in advance and just select a future gift date. Make it a combo and gift a pen with the book or simply pen. There are a wide variety of pen types available in the market today however I would suggest to go for a branded signature pen.


Ah! Flowers! They work for any occasion, don't they" Make an advance arrangement with your local florist who would deliver fresh flowers early morning. Seeing the sight of the flowers in itself would make someone's day special. Be sure to choose what he or she likes along with what flowers you like and create a bouquet. That would do the trick!

Wall Hangings or Paintings

Gifting a unique wall hanging or painting is bound to make someone content and happy each day. For paintings, you can go for ancient or contemporary art - the way you like it or may be the way the person to whom you are gifting likes it. How about a photo painting of his or hers favorite celebrity or idol" For wall hangings, Chinese designs can add a lot of meaning. Chinese wind chimes is a beautiful option to think about.

Gift Certificates

Honestly gift certificates won't give you much joy of giving but it can sure do for the person who is receiving it. Rather than going for traditional gift certificates go for a special gift certificate like for a movie one may be" Make sure to advance buy it or else risk the cost that might surge during the festive season.

I wish you happy holidays for Christmas and hope you are able to make the most of it for yourself and your loved ones.