Halloween Costumes for Children

Halloween is fun for children and adults alike, and with the right costume it can turn into a much nicer and memorable experience. Here are a few ideas of Halloween costumes for children.
| Sunday, October 11, 2009

Today as I went out shopping, I was simply amazed at the choice of Halloween costumes for children nowadays. A shop I visited had each rack in the Halloween section piled with costumes like the wicked witch costume, the pretty witch costume, the pirate costume, the skeleton costume along with loads of others. They even had masks and accessories displayed on the wall! You can dress up your child as anything this Halloween, so go ahead and shop and let your child enjoy this holiday.

Halloween Costumes for Children

Batman Costumes: You can dress your child up as batman or the Joker this year. These Halloween outfits are popular and some even have padding just to ensure that your child looks as muscular as batman did in the movie.

Star Wars Costumes: If your child liked Star Wars you can dress him/her like one of the characters from the movie. Most of the Star Wars costumes like the Queen Amidala costume, the Obi Wan Kenobi costume and the Darth Vader Dlx costume come with everything included in it.

Princess Costumes: You could dress your little girl like a princess this Halloween. There are different types of princess costumes available nowadays, so you would need to decide whether you would like your little girl to be a pretty princess, an ugly princess, a good or a wicked princess. Whatever you decide I am sure she will look just beautiful!

Pirate Costumes: Dressing your child up as a pirate can be fun. There are lots of pirate costumes for Halloween in the market and I am sure you will find the one you are looking for. Most of the costumes come with an eye patch, ragged clothing, large hat and a sword, making the costume authentic.

Hannah Montana Costume: Does your little princess like Hannah Montana" If she does, you could get her a Hannah Montana costume this Halloween. This costume is available at most stores and comes with a tunic, leggings, a glitter belt and a gold metallic jacket with her logo.

Iron Man Costume: A cool costume this season is the Iron Man costume. Dressed in this costume, your child will surely be the talk of the neighborhood. The Iron man costume comes with a red and gold jumpsuit with muscle torso as well as a character half mask.

Indiana Jones Costume: This costume will give your child an opportunity to pretend to be the famous Indiana Jones. He could even go on his own adventure this Halloween. Indiana Jones outfit come with the shirt and an attached jacket along with a hat and pants.

Roman Emperor Costume: Take your child back in time with the Roman Emperor costume. This Halloween outfit can be found in most stores and comes with a toga, a shawl as well as a belt and headpiece.

Racing Costume: If you child likes driving games, give him /her and opportunity to be a racing car driver this Halloween. You can get this costume at most stores or even online.   Vampire Costume: Imagine it’s late at night and you hear a loud screech and then you see a vampire with blood dripping from its teeth! Frightening" Well! You could dress your child as a vampire this holiday with the vampire costume. This Halloween costume comes with a long dress with shredded ends, drop sleeves and an antique brocade front with standup collars and an attached choker.

Tips for Selecting Halloween Costumes for Children

  • When buying a costume check the quality to ensure that it does not fall apart before the night is over.
  • Select a simple Halloween outfit, keeping in mind your child’s restroom needs.
  • Check the costume to make sure that it does not interfere with your child’s movement.
  • If your child is small, select a simple costume in which your child will not have to wear a mask. Face paint is a safer alternative to masks.