Building a Halloween Haunted House

You can experience the Halloween spirit as you walk through a haunted house. Do you want to create some fantastic props for your house? Read on for some tips about Halloween haunted house decorations
| Sunday, October 11, 2009
Halloween is the perfect time for families to bond and share some wonderful moments. It also offers a perfect opportunity for people to display their creativity in its full splendor. Crazy costumes and even crazier, scary houses make this a memorable time. Over the years Halloween decoration has attained some sort of a sacred importance as it allows people to really get together and share their excitement for the festivities. Families spend a lot of time in planning and building the perfect Halloween haunted house. The aim is to provide an experience to the visitors that would be scary and a lot of fun too.

With some planning, creativity and a lot of patience you can easily convert your house into a haunted mansion within your budget constraints. It takes some time and help from family members, neighbors and friends to create the perfect haunted ambiance for your house. So be patient and be innovative in using materials and ideas to create something different. Some simple and important tips can help you create the perfect haunted house.


To create a spooky ambiance you need dim lighting in the house, however do ensure that the lighting is enough so that nobody gets hurt. Colored lights can really add to the element of spookiness in the house. Strategically placed flashlights can also be a good idea. Black lights also work wonderfully well and using a fishing line or other props that glow under the black lights can add an interesting touch to the decorations. You can use other lighting such as Christmas lights.


There are a large number of CDs and other cassette tapes easily available in the market and these contain scary sound effects. You can either play these or then you can create your own soundtrack with a narrative for people walking through the house guiding the way.


Old clothes can help in creating stuffed dummies and these are wonderful props to add an edge to the experience of walking through a haunted house. You can easily pick up some old clothes in garage sales. Shirt and trousers can be stitched together or attached with safety pins. You can then stuff these with old newspapers or plastic bags. You can use gloves for the hands and old shoes and socks for the feet. For the head of the dummy you can use full head masks stuffed with newspaper or then you can use plastic pumpkins or skulls for that scary element. Some people also use paper mache' technique for the head. You can stick an old knife in the dummy and color the area around the knife with red paint to give the effect of blood. You can also wrap muslin strips around the figure to make a mummy. If you prefer your dummy to be headless go right ahead and allow some newspaper stuffing to peek out around the neck region. Color this with red for blood and you will have a scary headless dummy.


Tombstones can also be effectively used in creating a Halloween haunted house. Cardboard can be easily used to make the headstones and these can then be painted and stapled to lathe applied to the ground. Wood tombstones are even more effective in creating a chilling atmosphere. However you can use wood when you have some experience in cutting it with a saw.  Styrofoam can also be used in creating a tombstone.


One of the scariest props that can be used in Halloween decorations are dismembered hands. Simple ways to create these are to use surgical gloves and sleeves of old clothes. The sleeves and the gloves are stuck using some glue and then they are stuffed. The hands can then be painted with all the gory details like blood, scars and even the veins.


Coffins can be created using cardboard and you can easily create life sized coffins if you can get large boxes such as the ones used for appliances like refrigerators. Cardboard can be easily cut and you can use glue to stick the cardboard so as to build a coffin like structure. You can then use spray paint to color it and can make a lid and put it on the coffin in such a way where the coffin is shown improperly closed. This can make the coffin look even scarier. You can also create a coffin out of wood


You can easily buy plastic skeletons. You can also get some old white shirts or socks to cut out and stitch some skeleton bone shapes out of these. You can then stuff them with paper and you will get some creepy bones that you can throw in heap in some corner of the house. You can also make these bones using the paper mache' technique.


Halloween without pumpkins is incomplete. You can use these jack-o-lanterns as a prop in your haunted mansion.


You can cut out bat shapes out of cardboard and paint them and stick them on the wall.

Other effects

Fog can really create an eerie atmosphere and you can easily buy a fog machine for this. The walls in your haunted house can play an important role in making the ambiance scary. For this you can cover up your walls with black sheets and these are easily available in the market. These can also be used to cover up the windows so as to contribute to the darkness and you can also use Styrofoam for that. You can also use black spray paint to color sheets and use them to cover the walls. Since fishing line glows under black lights you can use that to create spider web in the corner of your house with the lights to make it look sinister. Use small ping pong balls and paint them with water proof colors so they look like eyes. Place them in large jars filled with slightly murky water or water that has a tinge of red color in it. One innovative way to create some interesting and scary effects is to have friends and relatives dress up and play roles in the house or to have them costumed and standing motionless in corners of the house.

You can create many such effects using all kinds of innovative material. Remember to set up your props in unexpected places as this will add to the feeling of mystery in the house. Let your creativity freely flow and your haunted house might end up being the talk of the town.