Your Necktie is Your Identity

The small piece of cloth that gives your identity is your necktie. Learn how to choose the right necktie for different occasions.
| Monday, January 18, 2010
When you are dressing up for office, holiday, anniversary or any kind of special events your tie tend to be the most mysterious part of our outfit. Neckties shows wearer’s place of the social hierarchy, personality and elegance as well. The Egyptians were the first culture to develop neckties to represent their class differentiation. There are many legend and history about the origin of neckties but we will not go on any debates here. Whoever first introduced neckties to us, it is now a most important part of men’s attire.

Ties can be worn in any occasion and they are a must in special gathering like meeting, wedding, birthday party, anniversary, father’s day and so on. There are a wide variety of ties is available on the market and they are different in size, shape, color, motif and fabric but according to occasion and outfit necktie choosing is a big challenge to most of us. Here I am giving some tips and tricks to enhance your confident with a perfect necktie.

Wedding Neckties

Tie plays a great role in looking presentation especially in a wedding. Unless a perfect wedding necktie your outfit will leave a big measurable memory in your mind for the rest of your life but you can avoid this mass by choosing a tie which is well sized, not flashy, according to the color theme of wedding and have a good quality as well. The best thing is to wear a nice tie with the same color as the theme but you can experiment with huge verities of color, pattern and fabric type in the market. If you are the groom, you have to consider the dominant color in the reception including the table decorations, flowers, and even the wedding cake; if you are attending the wedding party as a guest, you should not whimsically wear anything that could destroy your image on that party. You also have so many options in the market which are specially made for wedding. Remember, a wedding necktie should be classic, formal and elegant. Avoid any kind of exotic, eccentric and tedious necktie. Try to present yourself as elite men in a luxurious touch.

Evening Neckties

An evening necktie could be your best friend in any kind of formal occasion. It is absolutely classic and basic. You can easily go with an evening necktie in any ordinary meetings, gatherings and occasions. Find the perfect matched evening necktie with your shirt and suit from a huge verity of collection in the market. You have options when you are choosing materials too like silk, cotton, wool, acrylic etc. in affordable price.

Ethnic Neckties

A long rectangular piece of fabric that hangs over the shoulder and wrapped about the neck can be your language and can introduce you with people. Yes, I am talking about necktie that can show your ethnicity and origin. There are so many outstanding neckties in the market that reveals people ethnic identity with their own cultural motifs. You can proud with your dragon motif necktie if you are a Chinese or with a kangaroo motif necktie if you are an Australian. Whoever you are or wherever you from your tie can endorse your ethnic identity now.

Novelty Neckties

As we know necktie represent formal and structured elegance either in a solid color or simple geometric patterns but there are some group of necktie stand out with so many exotic and eccentric motif to depict your merriment in any special occasion like holiday, Christmas, birthday party, new year, night out and so on. You don’t have any idea how much an unusual design or exotic symbols of your tie can make you the perfect guy in the entire party. Novelty necktie designers use the piece of fabric as a small canvas which is the best men’s accessory for a crazy fracas party. You can wear it with any casual attire and remember it will definitely not go right with any formal occasion like office, meeting or wedding. Whether you will be celebrating valentines or thirty first nights there is a novelty tie out there that is designed just for the particular day. Now you can express your merriment much more easily.

So, go and get the right necktie for right occasion and wear confidently. Perhaps one day will come when your boss will start to give attention and good complement about your clothing.
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