Fun Facts About Octopus

The unique animal, Octopus, descends from the kingdom of Mollusks. Mollusks basically are characterized by a soft body with no backbone. Other popular members of this category are Snails, Oysters, Clams and Mussels etc.
| Thursday, June 06, 2013

All the creations of god are amazing in their own special way. So is the Octopus. Let us learn more about our 'ocean wonder', Octopus. The thing to be pondered upon is how we describe this creature! A dome shaped head, a mouth at the base, fused with eight arms!

Fun Facts About Octopus

  • Octopus gets its name from a Greek word, meaning eight-footed.
  • The creature has eight tentacles terminating into adhesive suckers (which aid in the locomotion and also in catching its prey). Do not underestimate the tentacles to be weak, but the fact is each tentacle is capable of lifting weights of almost two kilograms. Some have even been reported to break free from their aquariums to the surprise of their owners.
  • Octopuses have rotating eyes. They have an ability to align their eyes horizontal even though the body may be aligned at any angle. So be careful they are watching your moves! They also have real sharp vision and can sight its prey or predator from a considerable distance.
  • Other than a powerful sight, the Octopus also has a great sense of touch because of the chemoreceptors on the suction cups.
  • Octopus has three hearts. Two of them pump blood through each of the gills and the third pumps blood through the body.
  • The Octopus is all muscles and no bones, typical of the invertebrate characteristics. The body of the Octopus is so flexible that it can squeeze itself out even from a tiny hole.
  • The color of the Octopus blood is blue.

Octopus Life Span

Octopus has a short life span, varying from six months to about a couple of years. The ones smaller in size perishes earlier than the larger ones. Male Octopuses are known to die few months after mating whereas the females breathe its last as soon as the eggs hatch. The reason being, the female stays guard all the while to protect the eggs and eventually grows weak to finally succumb. The Octopuses thereby tend to show no similar traits with their parents.

Defensive Octopus Facts

  • Hey enemy! Come closer to the Octopus and spat the ink is over your face. The octopus has this defense mechanism wherein it ejects a thick dark colored ink. The ink temporarily disable the sense of smell of the enemy and by the time the cloud of ink fades off, the 'Octy' makes a great escape.
  • 'Spot me if you can'! We have heard of color-changing animals like Chameleons. Octopuses too have this property of changing colors as per their surroundings. This helps them to catch their prey and defend themselves from their predators.
  • Furthermore to your amazement, the Octopus can detach its tentacle! Weird, isn't it? The crawling tentacle distracts the enemy and our good friend is safe again. Our hero would later grow the limb again!

Octopuses Are Intelligent

An Octopus has the ability to distinguish between colors and shapes. It can intelligently use its tentacles to open the lid of an aquarium. It can get emotional or curious at times, just like humans.

Octopus is indeed amazing! It is always wise to see beauty in every creation of God because it is the nature that decides all about the appearances and qualities of any living being. So next time you see an Octopus, do not hate it but understand that it also has an important role in balancing our ecosystem.

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