Fun Facts About Argentina

Did you know that Argentinian people have a life expectancy of 76 years? and that it is blessed with abundant natural resources? Read on to know more such interesting facts about the amazing Argentina
| Tuesday, February 24, 2009
If you are contemplating a visit to a completely new and diverse country, then you might want to consider going to Argentina. It is a beautiful place to visit and sure it's an easy bet to fall in love with it instantly. If you are traveling to Argentina in the coming times, then reflecting on some fun facts about Argentina that you might not have known before can be a good idea for you to know the place better and closely.
  • Argentina is one of the leading producers of wines ever since the 16th century and has approximately 1800 wineries currently.
  • Did you know that Argentina has taken part in the Pan American Games 14 times in a go! They in fact won 247 gold medals too! Argentina now has more medals than some other adjoining countries united.
  • Argentina went through a lot of turbulence in government. So much so that they announced something called a "Dirty War", to re-establish regulation and eradicate antagonists.
  • The tallest mountain in Argentina is called "Aconcagua".
  • There are 7 countries in the world that have a bigger land volume as compared to Argentina. Those countries are the enormous Canada, Russia, China, U.S, Australia, Brazil and India.
  • There is one fun fact that has some shady mystery and is more apt for a Halloween story. There used to be a duck in Argentina that was called "The Argentinean Vampire Duck"! It is believed that this duck has the tendency of taking off lice from other ducks and Christian missionaries according to the grapevine thought that was an act of vampirism!
  • Opposing to typecast, Argentines are not by preponderance, Hispanic in spite of talking Spanish. Most are of Italian, German, Welsh backdrop. A diminutive percentage is from Spain.
  • Argentine Spanish is referred to as Lumfardo and has larger similitude to Italian than the Mexican Spanish that Americans are accustomed to.
  • Argentina is the 3rd biggest producer of beef in the world.
  • Argentine women go through the maximum number of plastic surgeries in the world, per person. Argentina is perhaps the world's most looks-conscious country in the world, and more than 30% of its women undergo some form of eating disarray.
  • Argentina's weather is in reality pretty chilly, with about twenty percent arctic not what one would anticipate from South America.
  • Argentines seem to be congenitally scared of spices. The huge part of the food is beef and vegetables with a plain sauce called "Chimichuri".
  • Argentina's primary export is whole wheat grain which is very atypical for their weather.
  • Argentina affirmed liberty from Spain on the 9th of July, 1816.
  • Existing President, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, is the first woman President to be selected in Argentina.
  • Argentina is the world's 30th largest country by populace, with approximately 40 million people.
  • The currency of Argentina is the Peso.
  • Argentina was one of the foremost countries to have radio broadcasting. The first relay was made on the 27th of August, 1920. Barely 20 people had a receiver at the time!
  • Argentina has a brilliant literacy rate of about 97.6%. This position Argentina equal to 58th in the whole world.
  • Pato is the national sport of Argentina. It is a mixture of basketball and polo.
  • For all those who love animated films - The world's first animated films were created and released in Argentina, by a person named Quirino Cristiani in 1917.
  • The Teatro Colón, situated in Buenos Aires (the capital and biggest city of Argentina), is one of the prime opera houses in the world.
  • Argentina has close affection for cinema. They have the highest rates of movie viewing in the world. They like watching both locally made movies and Hollywood flicks.
  • The Argentine government has projected that 750,000 populace residing in Argentina are illegal migrants.
  • Argentina manufactures a lot of honey, sunflower seeds, soybeans, maize and wheat.
  • Argentina is split into 23 provinces.
  • There are approximately 70,000 members in the Argentine armed forces.

Argentina - The Connoisseur of Wine

The real word Argentina in reality means "land of silver", but you would be flabbergasted to be acquainted with the fact that Argentina is in reality famous for its wineries! This beautiful country is in fact known as the 5th largest wine producer in the world, and they have been doing this ever since the 16th century! If you are a big admirer of wine and you are looking forward to taste the sweet nectar, you will have about 1800 wineries that you can select from!

Culinary Delights!

The foodstuff that you will discover in Argentina truly has a variety of impacts on you that you might never have assumed. The countries that have Argentinian influence are Italy, Spain, France as well as Germany! Ensure that you try some genuine chorizo, which is a hot meat based sausage, and it tastes scrumptious with eggs!


Argentina is a magnificent country to visit and if you get the opportunity to go then you must know everything that this country has to offer to you. Prior to going there, take a look at the traditions and the people, the food and some parts of history around the country. Once you get an enhanced perceptive, you will be geared up to enjoy your trip through Argentina, so have fun and ensure you bring  back your wine glasses and your appetite! Bon Voyage!

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Mari on Monday, July 2, 2012
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Omg! where did you take this from? :o 1) the dirty war (guerra sucia) was a military coup, and they tortured and killed over 60,000 people who had different political ideas. 2) the argentinean vampire duck? i'm 41 and i never heard that before!
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