Fun Informative Speech Topics

Do you have to make a presentation on an informative speech topic in your school? Are you wondering how you can make a good impact on the audience? This article will not only teach you the finer nuances of effective speech making but also give you a list of fun informative speech topics.
| Tuesday, December 23, 2008
Informative speech topics refer to those speeches that give out information before a live audience. Good informative speech topics should not only give accurate information but the topics should also seem interesting to the audience. Research is of critical importance in presenting informative speeches. If your topic is something that the audience is aware of then any wrong information will be immediately spotted and incomplete research can prove to be a disaster for your presentation. An example of a informative speech topic could be the freedom struggle of a particular country. Since the audience may be aware of major events that happened during this struggle it is important that the dates and historical events are presented with absolute accuracy. It would be embarrassing if the data and events are inaccurately presented or if complete information is not provided. While selecting topics of informative speeches it is important that you select those subjects that interest you and on which you would be able to get relevant information with ease. The topics should also seem interesting and relevant considering the preferences and interests of the audience. For this reason the age group and background of the audience should also be considered before selecting topics of informative speeches.

Some other factors that determine the success of the speech include the mood of the audience, the personality of the speaker among other things. While making the speech it is important that you sound clear and audible to the audience. You should also ensure that the speech has an impressive start because that will allow you to capture the attention of the audience. Ensure that you pause and emphasize the right points and make the speech as interesting as possible. Humor is an important element in successfully delivering speeches. Intersperse your speech with interesting statistics so as to add an element of surprise to the presentation. You can also use slides to guide your audience through your subject matter so that the presentation may not seem too boring or predictable. You can also try selecting some fun informative speech topics that are not too loaded with boring statistics and that can lighten the mood and yet provide interesting information.

Some fun informative speech topics include:
  • History of Valentine’s Day
  • How is Valentine’s Day celebrated in different countries and cultures?
  • Funny and absurd patents and inventions
  • Funny and absurd Guinness book records
  • Funny and special parades conducted in the world
  • How to read palms?
  • Theories about extraterrestrial life
  • Dwarf planets and why they are called as dwarf planets?
  • History of April fool’s Day
  • Stories about funny job applications
  • If I could be a boss for a day
  • What women really mean when they say something?
  • Funny facts about women
  • Funny facts about men
  • Most embarrassing moments
  • Funny childhood memories
  • Dumb criminals and their dumb behavior
  • How to ruin a date?
  • How to get rich quickly?
  • How to flunk a course?
  • How to achieve your 15 minutes of fame?
  • Some stupid celebrities and their stupid antics
  • How to mess up an interview?
  • Good excuses for missing work
  • How to succeed in college without attending classes?
  • Guide to cheating on a test
  • How to successfully avoid getting a speeding ticket?
  • How to crash a party that you are not invited to?
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