List of Informative Speech Topics

Are you supposed to give a speech in front of a crowd some time soon? Are you absolutely clueless about the topic you would want to choose? Read on to get a list of informative speech topics.
| Saturday, October 25, 2008
It takes a lot of courage to stand in front of a crowd and give a speech. Not every individual is eloquent and articulate in putting across his/her viewpoint. You need to do a bit of homework to deliver a good speech. While giving a speech researching the audience is quite crucial in correct selection of the topic. The age, educational level and purpose of gathering can help an individual select a topic that is of interest to all the people present. Likewise keeping the flow of the information simple and uncomplicated, talking at an even pace and emphasizing on key aspects of the information can help you in successfully presenting your speech. Collecting relevant and interesting information and delivering it energetically can ensure that the crowd is equally involved in the proceedings. There are a large number of informative topics that a person can select. Here is a list of the possible information speech topics that can be selected:

People/Celebrity Topics
  • Biography of an actor, author, painter, politician or the life of some influential person who has an important place in history E.g.: Life of Bill Gates, Life of Virginia Woolf etc.
  • Stories of real life heroes E.g. Heroes of 9/11
  • Biography of some scientist, key inventions and how he/she changed the face of the world
  • Your favorite television/movie/cartoon character or any other famous personality that you like
  • Life of serial killers
  • Your favorite teacher or any other person
Health and Fitness Topics
  • Remedies for cold and other common problems
  • Avoiding injuries, giving first aid or handling emergency situations
  • Coping with grief, tension, stress, depression etc
  • Mental illnesses, eating and other disorders
  • Different medical conditions related with different organs and other diseases E.g. Heart diseases, tumor etc
  • Handling cancer and supporting someone with cancer or other diseases
  • Alternative medicine avenues and seeking therapy
  • Meditation and its benefits
  • Diet, Nutrition and its importance
  • Skin problems and home remedies for a good skin
  •  Addictions and handling the same
  • Exercise and its importance/benefits
  • Different diets and their benefits
Personal Happiness
  • Personality types
  • Self esteem, its importance and building healthy self esteem
  • Marital issues and building good marriage and relationships in general
  • Friendship, its importance and making new friends
  • Creating and maintaining healthy boundaries in relationships
  • Abandonment issues and abuse
  • Overcoming shyness
  • Personal likes, dislikes and hobbies
  • Dating tips
  • Proper Etiquettes
  • Improving manners
  • Etiquettes in fine dining
Recreation Topics
  • Favorite vacation spot and its description
  • Favorite restaurants
  • Favorite sport and its rules
  • Wonders of the world
  • World heritage sites
  • Best places to see before you die
  • Ideal romantic places
  • Memorable vacation/journey/cruise experience
  • Ways to save money
  • Ways to invest wisely
  • How to reduce expenses?
  • 401k plan
  • Information on operation of financial markets
  • Share market information
  • History of companies and their success stories
  • Careers in finance
  • Finance scams
  • Money lending information
  • Information about banking
  • Mortgage information
  • How to borrow wisely?
  • How to get a job?
  • Ways to get a raise
  • Credit cards and how they work
Do it yourself projects/ How to speeches/others
  • How to paint?
  • How to cook a food item?
  • How to play a sport?
  • How to make toys?
  • How to service your car and resolve automobile problems?
  • How to take care of babies?
  • Global warming
  • Volunteer/Social work and social responsibility
  • Corporate politics
  • Office etiquettes
  • How to please your boss?
  • How a religion developed?
  • Local folklore
  • Story behind a celebration/festival
  • How your city/school was formed?
  • How to take care of pets?
  • Favorite music and musical band
  • Information on governments
  • Information on immigration laws
  • Iraq war information or history of different wars
  • Favorite movie
  • UFOs
  • How things are done? E.g. construction of roads or dams or generating electricity
  • Different natural disasters and how they occur?
  • Different cultures and their food
  • How to dress for interview and other tips?
  • How to write your resume?
  • How to dress well?
  • How to plan a wedding?
  • How the earth/Universe was formed?
  • Information on astronomy
  • Information on astrology
  • Adopting children
  • Information pertaining to weather E.g. Acid rain, storms etc
  • Favorite book
  • Ecosystem information and protecting it
  • Information on Cults
  • How some item/event/occurrence originated?
  • Current topics such as current political situation etc
  • Records and stories behind those records
  • Myths/legends
Computer/Technology Topics
  • Internet and its development
  • How computer was invented?
  • Gaming and favorite games
  • Technology inventions and how they work? Eg: PDA
  • Careers in computer
  • Benefits and problems of internet
  • Internet dating
  • Computer fraud
  • Future technology and what it has in store?
  • Social networking and how it works
  • Earning money through internet
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