Nutrisystem Diet Facts

Nutrisystem diet is a rather popular diet plan that provides prepackaged foods to dieters. These prepackaged foods need minimum cooking. Read on to know the facts about nutrisystem diet and whether it can be suitable for you.
| Saturday, December 20, 2008
Nutrisystem diet is specifically created for dieters who are looking for convenience and who would not want to be bothered about issues of portion or sizes of meals or cooking of meals in specific ways. Nutrisystem diet allows you to get meals delivered at your door and these meals come in microwave ready packets. Nutrisystem food or meals are low in saturated and trans fats and sodium and they include a wide range of foods and whole grains as well. Nutrisystem food allows the user to take benefit of portion controlled or portion specific meals. Following are some facts about Nutrisystem diet:
  • The Nutrisystem diet was started in 1972 and was modified a number of times and today includes the Nutrisystem advanced plan which was launched in 2008. This plan promotes consumption of low fats, healthy protein, high fiber and good carbs in ready to cook meals. Nutrisystem also contains soluble fibers and other important contents like omega 3 fatty acids.
  • Nutrisystem food uses the glyecemic index which is a useful weight loss tool. As per this index the foods that are low on glyecemic scale are considered to help in reducing cravings and stabilizing blood sugar levels. Nutrisystem is based on the premise that eating low fat food items with high fiber and lean proteins can help in satisfying hunger with less calories and also reduce cravings.
  • Women have to follow a plan that recommends 1200 calories every day while men follow a plan of 1500 calories. The meals can be chosen and delivered through their website and the meals are available in pouches that can be easily heated in an oven. The cost of the food is around 280 to 310$ every month.
  • To effectively lose weight from nutrisystem meals dieters are also taught how they can modify their eating patterns and behaviors. The dieters also receive a guide that addresses important issues as weight loss, curbing craving and fitness. A large number of nutrisystem reviews tend to be positive because of the personalized approach of this diet plan. One such personal touch includes the counselors that are available to dieters who can seek support and guidance in their battle to lose weight.
  • Opinions on nutrisystem are also positive because nutrisystem also encourages the dieters to follow exercise regime while they are on the diet plan. The diet plans are also tailored to suit the individual dieters only after considering the fitness levels of the dieters.
  • Nutrisystem testimonials also indicate that this diet method is popular because dieters have a wide choice of food items from which they can select their meals. Dieters are also required to eat at regular intervals which in turn help to curb the hunger pangs. Also this plan can be customized to even suit the needs of individuals suffering from type II diabetes and also vegetarians.
  • Since the meals come in pre packaged manner elaborate cooking is not needed and the only thing the dieters have to do is add water and heat the pouches in the microwave.
  • The complaints about nutrisystem include such aspects as does nutrisystem work on a long term basis" Dieting would be relatively easy when food is provided in the form of pre packaged items that need minimum cooking. However would dieters continue to lose weight once they stop relying on the food provided under nutrisystem diet"  Also other problems include such aspects as some meals having too less calorie content than others.
  • Another problem with this diet plan is that some people may not enjoy the taste of the food products provided under the Nutrisystem diet plan.
    Nutrisystem can be a good way to learn about eating in small proportions and can be effective for people who do not wish to be bothered about cooking and want a short term way of losing weight.