Christmas Ornaments for Kids to Make

The arrival of the joyful Christmas Eve brings in loads of fun for the kids. To keep your kids engaged in some interesting task join them to make wonderful Christmas ornaments to decorate the Christmas tree.
| Tuesday, December 07, 2010
Making ornaments for decoration on the Christmas Eve is a tradition that has been followed since long. This is the best way for a family to spend time together. Home made ornaments are what kids like the most! It is indeed fascinating for kids to make these ornaments and also gift some to their friends.

Making Christmas Ornaments at Home

Here are some ornaments for the kids that are very simple to make with most of the material already at your home:

Wooden Toy Presents

Do you have some waste pieces of wood? Then get them all. You can make cute-looking toy presents out of them. You will need some help in shaping these pieces into cubes. Paint them with your choice of color and leave them to dry. Now paint a design on the cubes, like stars, polka dots or concentric circles etc. Tie a bright satin ribbon to the cube just like you do to a present. You may gift it to your friends or even hang it around your house or the Christmas tree as a decoration.

Jingle Bells and Bows

Now for some jingle bells and bows! Take a wider satin ribbon and tie a knot to make a bow. Take a contrast colored card paper and cut two semi circles. Roll each semicircle into a cone and paste the open end. Draw some designs on the cones and paste them on the knot of the bow. Sprinkle some sparkles for a better effect.

Making a Snowman

Making ornaments out of wheat flour - it is very easy to make ornaments like a snowman, beads or smiley using the dough made by mixing flour, salt and water.

  • For the snowman, roll a piece of dough between your palms and make a ball. Use another small piece to make a nose. Paint it white after drying it in the oven or by keeping overnight. Draw the eyes and mouth; tie a red satin ribbon around the neck. Use small twigs for the hands and legs.
  • For the beads, roll small pieces of dough into oval shapes and color them with bright paints once they dry.
  • For a smiley, roll a piece of dough to form a ball. Let it dry completely. Paint it whole with a bright color and draw the expression on it as per your choice.

How to Make Elf Shoes

Draw the shapes of the shoes on a green velvet paper and cut them out. Paste these on a thick card board and cut the shapes out. Make cuffs out of a red velvet paper or a waste satin cloth and paste on the shoes. Paste some white or silver pom-poms on the cuffs and you elf shoes are ready.

Paper Cup Reindeer

Paper cup reindeer. Paint a paper cup with brown color. Paste two eyes cut from a paper just below the rim of the cup. Draw the mouth, the nose and the eyebrows with a marker pen. Poke holes at the sides of the cups to insert the ears made by rolling a brown semicircle into a cone. Use dry twigs to make the antlers and paste them behind the ears. Place or paste some pebbles inside the cup so that it does not lose balance.

Making Santa Claus

Draw Santa’s image on a card paper, paint it and cut it off. Paste a white pom-pom on the tip of the cap. Use thin cotton strips to line the coat, the cap, the stockings and the gloves.

To make Christmas ornaments there is no end to fun. So common kids, grab your share of the merriment on this wonderful Christmas Eve.