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Women scientists and inventors have found an important place for themselves in the world of science because of the contributions they made. Have you ever wondered how we have so much information about the galaxies that exist outside the Milky Way? Have you ever tried to find out who designed Blissymbols? The answers to these questions lie in knowing about famous women scientists, women who brought about a change in this world.
Hans Christian Oersted's contribution to the field of science is immense. This article tells you about his life and his achievements in various fields.
The advancement in the field of genetic engineering has lead to discoveries that have amazed mankind time and again! Conception of the first synthetic self-replicating species is simply astonishing!
Until very lately, plastic was the high flier of the western world. Smooth representation of modernism and human development, the discovery of plastic has, arguably, tapped more lives than any other scientific invention. It restored older and household things. The stylish dark solidity of tables and desks paved way for light, neutral colored furniture, modifying the appearance and feel of house and workplace.
Can you envisage what life was like prior to computers? Numerous of the world's most famed and integral mathematicians surfaced with complex theories and discoveries well ahead of the futuristic tool were built.
First revealed in the year 1960, quarks are subatomic basic particles. Fraction of the conjectural Standard Model (which defines all identified elementary particles) quarks are component of the developing blocks of life creating protons and neutrons, which consecutively compose atoms.
Scientific perceptive needs both details and theories that can elucidate those factual data in a logical way. Evolution, in this milieu, is both a truth and a theory. It is an irrefutable reality that organisms have modified, or evolved, throughout the history of existence on Earth
Knowing the history of nanotechnology will only help to better understand the advances that have been made in this field. Read on to know more about the brains behind this technology.
There are several famous scientists and inventors in history who have changed our perception in everything we see, do or feel. This article is a tribute to some of the most famous scientists and inventors in history.
Charles Darwin is a naturalist who is known the world over for his theory which is based on evolution and natural selection. This article talks about him and his great work which is better known as the theory of evolution.
The concept behind Nanotechnology is maneuvering molecules and/or atoms to fabricate resources and formations straightforwardly, in addition to utilizing the exclusive traits of matter at the nano scale (0.1 nm to 100 nm). After that we are at a distinct stage where the term Nanotechnology has been proposed to define this type of human manufacturing procedure.
Many astronomers around the world have huge excitement and enthusiasm about NASA's Kepler space mission. The spacecraft was launched on March 7, 2009 at 03:49:57 UTC. Read on to know more about the project, its objectives and it's impact on the way we see the universe.
The technology of cloning gained notoriety with the creation of Dolly, the first cloned mammal. Would humans be cloned too? While there are people who believe that we are trying to play God with the development of this technology, there are surely some immense benefits of human cloning. This article will try to throw light on these benefits of human cloning technology.
Do you prefer the cell phone to a landline connection? Ever wondered if the landline phone will survive in the wake of services offered by the wireless technology? Read on to understand if the landline phone will soon become a thing of the past.
History of Physics dates back to very olden time with prominent scientists like Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein etc. Our combined acquaintance about our surroundings, the earth and the sky, came forward gradually through examination and elucidation of these prominent scientists.
Albert Einstein was a theoretical physicist who is famous for his theory of relativity especially the mass-energy equivalence. Here are some quotes by him.
Albert Einstein was a genius scientist and humanist and was responsible for the development of theory of relativity, photoelectric effect and Brownian motion. As a child Einstein was however considered to be a slow learner. For more interesting facts about Albert Einstein read the article that follows.
Women have been at the forefront of many scientific and research activities. The field of Biology has also seen important contributions from women. Read on to know about some important and famous women biologists.
Earthquakes are one of the deadliest natural disasters and are responsible for widespread damage. The intensity of earthquakes can be measured after their occurrence but scientists have still not been able to find a way to predict earthquakes before they occur. The information that follows provides some interesting facts on earthquakes.
India's first moon mission Chandrayaan-I was successful a couple of hours ago with the landing of the Moon Impact Probe. The following article would give you all the information related to this mission.
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