Articles on Relationships and Family

Family is the basic support structure that keeps the society intact. Perhaps among the oldest of human creations, family is the structure that contributes to the success and growth of individuals. A breakdown in this institution is sure to have a cascading effect on the values and the well being of the future generations. Family as an institution has undergone a sea of change over the years. The changing values, beliefs and needs of present times have changed the dynamics of this structure and yet the desire to connect with other human beings and to forge intimate relationships is omnipresent. It is this urge to connect that has redefined families to include other important relationships within its sacred fabric Read more to learn about relationships and this ever evolving family unit.
Wedding is one of the most important and precious moment in one's life. We often bumble when giving out best wishes for weddings due to lack of words and phrases. Don't worry here are some best wishes that would get you started!
Wouldn't it be rather romantic if you could express your love for your partner in French or some other exotic language? It's not too difficult. With this list you can easily say "I Love You" in different languages.
Have you wondered how infidelity can occur even in the strongest of all marriages? What drives people to cheat of their lovers? Read on to learn the causes and effects of infidelity.
So you have just found out that your partner has been unfaithful? These are some common problems in today's marriages but pretty often it's very hard to cope up with the emotions. Here is some guidance to help you cope with infidelity.
Have you noticed any alarming changes in your partner's behavior? Do you suspect he/she might be having an affair? Read on to learn about the warning signs of emotional or physical unfaithfulness.
Do you hate the fact that your partner/spouse seems to share a wonderful close bond with a "friend"? Do you feel your relationship with your partner is going downhill? Read on to learn about emotional infidelity.
You share a wonderful relationship with your friend. But you wonder what is it about this relationship that makes it so special. Read on to understand the meaning of friendship..
Maintaining a good marriage takes a lifetime of work. No wonder you see more and more couples heading for splitsville. Read on to learn about the possible reasons for divorce.
To me, my mother is the greatest gift God has given me and everything I am today is because of her faith in me. I am sure that all of you hold your mother in great esteem too and have memories of wonderful times spent together on warm afternoons sipping lemonade or on cold winter mornings, drinking cups of hot chocolate, apart from plenty of others.
You might not be the one walking down the aisle but that doesn't mean you can turn up for a wedding looking like a fashion disaster. With some guidance you can be a complete head turner. Read on to learn how to dress for a wedding.
Does the mere mention of the word dating fill you with fear and anxiety? Here are a few dating tips to ensure that you put your best foot forward and enjoy the dating experience.
Love is hard to find, this is when teen online dating or internet dating comes into the picture for teenagers. Here is everything you need to know about this form of dating.
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