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Usually related to styles of dress, fashion refers to what is popular at a given point of time. Fashion is continuously changing; sometimes styles fade out for some time and then come back several years later. So do you know what's happening in the world of fashion? Are you the kind of a person who creates her/his own style statement or do you prefer to go by the book?
A legendary saying goes as, "In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different." Adopting new fashion always keeps one aloof from the monotonous trends.
In the modern world fashion modifies constantly. However in ancient fashion of Egyptian times, some types of clothing were worn by era after era of people with scanty change. For Egyptians, this constancy was not a crisis but rather a sign of the protected temperament of their culture and society.
The small piece of cloth that gives your identity is your necktie. Learn how to choose the right necktie for different occasions.
Do you fancy yourself as a rock star and would love to sport the rock star look even if it is just for the day. Do you think you already have the personality to carry it off? Just read on for some pointers on sporting the Rock Star look.
Do you fancy wearing earrings with larger posts? But you are scared about doing the stretching of the holes on your own. Read on to learn about stretching the holes using ear gauges.
The 1960's introduced many alterations to the fashion world, perhaps putting forward the outlook of the adolescents who were reflecting their rebellious side. The handcrafted, natural appearance of the hippie movement was ideal for the counter-culture, carefree hippies of the past and might be perfect for you today as well. Nothing overpowers the ease of dressing in a hippie fashion and it's constant with the style to wear the hippie appearance with the green movement being so famous.
We all know what the erroneous hair color can do someone. Not only can it make the hair look abnormal, but it can also make anyone's appearance look pale, flushed or even pallid. Read on to know how to correct your hair color problems with ease.
Tying a necktie can be an intimidating task but actually only involves practice and persistence. There are umpteen numbers of ways to tie necktie. It depends on you, as to which one suits you and the occasion the best.
The middle Ages initially introduced the awareness of fashion and gave nativity to the tailoring business. Medieval fashion brought innovative trends, fabrics, and equipments that altered fashion beyond the uneven, ill-defined forms that purely fulfilled the requirements of warmness and shield
In the fashion world, almost everything is recycled. That hot fresh style you've latched onto most likely isn't new - it just traced its way back to a store near you. Guess which epoch is making a massive comeback for spring and summer this year? The trendy 80s!
Victorian fashion was consequently quite complex as far as dressing and garments were concerned. Victorian fashion is still very much admired and the fundamentals have been woven into innovative contemporary designs to craft modern apparel!
The Sixteenth Century (1500s) witnessed great alterations in women's Renaissance fashion trends. While Renaissance fashion movement was diverse in different countries there is some common element between all regions of Western Europe. This article would try to bring to fore the fashion world during the Renaissance era.
Looking to go color your hair? A beforehand study and some ideas with hair coloring would always help you determine how to proceed with everything properly and have that gorgeous and stunning look. Whether you are looking for a simple makeover or an altogether revamp, this article would surely help you in the way.
Coloring hair has gained vast popularity and is a fashion statement these days. Many spend huge amount of bucks from their pockets in a saloon just to alter the color of their hair. However with the latest hair coloring kits available in the market, you can now save time and money very easily by coloring your hair at the ease and comfort of your house.
Like all creative arts photography too requires an eye for detail and a creative bent of mind. The famous fashion photographers who have found a place on this page have worked had to make a name for themselves in the fashion circuit. Read on to know more about these fashion photographers.
Handmade baby quilts can not only provide warmth for your little baby but can also be a wonderful expression of your love. The following article will provide some information about baby quilts and the patterns and designs of the quilts.
Short haircuts tend to make most women look younger and stylish. Short haircuts are also less fussy and can be maintained with relative ease. Read on to discover some trendy short haircuts for women.
If you have been experiencing excessive hair loss problems or if you are in the mood for some radical hair style changes then you could opt for buzzed haircut. This stylish haircut can make you stand out from the crowd. The article that follows will provide some information on buzzed haircuts for women.
Are you thinking of coloring your hair? Most coloring products have high chemical contents and can damage the hair. Read on to learn about some home remedies to lighten hair.
Do you want to gift your sweetheart an exquisite sapphire? Do you wonder how come this gemstone is found in so many colors? Read on to learn about the different types of sapphires.
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