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The invention of computers cant specifically be associated with one single person. There were many inventors who were instrumental in forming a device which we call the computer today. The first computers were in fact not even computers but rather calculating machines able of performing complex mathematical calculations. The concept can be credited to J.H. Mueller, Charles Babbage and Helmet Babbage. Since being mere calculating devices, computers have grown to be extremely powerful and fast. Today we find that personal computers or desktop pcs have reached a substantial amount of homes. The ever increasing use of computers gave birth to the Internet. Internet is basically, inter connected computers throughout the globe. Internet was originally developed by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to aid in information sharing between defense research facilities. Internet at that time was also called as Advanced Research Projects Agency NETwork (ARPANET). Although, birth of the Internet dates back to 1964, a research scientist named Tim Berners-Lee was instrumental in bringing Internet right to our homes through the advent of Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML).
Know about ASP.NET and the .NET Framework that enables us to create powerful and lightning fast web applications.
Read on to know more about what test cases are in software testing world
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