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The invention of computers cant specifically be associated with one single person. There were many inventors who were instrumental in forming a device which we call the computer today. The first computers were in fact not even computers but rather calculating machines able of performing complex mathematical calculations. The concept can be credited to J.H. Mueller, Charles Babbage and Helmet Babbage. Since being mere calculating devices, computers have grown to be extremely powerful and fast. Today we find that personal computers or desktop pcs have reached a substantial amount of homes. The ever increasing use of computers gave birth to the Internet. Internet is basically, inter connected computers throughout the globe. Internet was originally developed by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to aid in information sharing between defense research facilities. Internet at that time was also called as Advanced Research Projects Agency NETwork (ARPANET). Although, birth of the Internet dates back to 1964, a research scientist named Tim Berners-Lee was instrumental in bringing Internet right to our homes through the advent of Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML).
Looking for different chat symbols to use while chatting or mailing? Look no further, I have tried to bring you the most common symbols used today
With the advent of social networking, we can now communicate and share our lives with family and friends no matter how far they are. However, in pursuit of these irresistible advantages comes up many social networking safety and privacy issues. Let us try to explore it further.
A well known saying goes as "every coin has two sides". Inventions come with a positive and a negative side. This applies to social networking portals as well.
One can conduct web meetings with the help of web conferencing services; it just requires a web cam and internet connection from both the sides. The web conferencing have made it easier even for the families to stay in touch with each others.
There was a time when we used feed information like name to retrieve details like address and phone number but today technology has made the reverse possible i.e. recovering individual details from a phone number. Reverse look-up by phone number service has minimized to a great extent the dependency on white pages.
This article outlines how to use uSeesoft DVD Creator on Mac in some easy steps.
Due to billions and billions of pages on the web it is quite hard for new websites to make a mark on the Internet and get ranked in search engines. So what exactly is search engine optimization or SEO and how can it help new websites to make an impact on the Internet. Read on to learn more..
A lot of technical things go behind the working of a wireless router. To understand how wireless routers work, we first need to know the basics of how networking happens. Keep on reading to get a brief overview on the working of a wireless router and the associated terminologies.
Cyber forensic is a field that is increasingly getting noted on higher levels so be it for solving a local crime or be it that interests the security factors of a country. Let us look at some of the best forensic tools used to investigate cases related to cyber crime or those that are used for scientific purposes.
Telnet or TELecommunication NETwork is a network protocol which is mostly used to connect to remote machines over a local area network or the internet. Let us dive into knowing more about telnet through this basic tutorial for beginners.
This article briefly describes you the idea of PageRank Siloing or Sculpting and tries to explain whether you should do it, or not do it or do it partially.
Can you imagine a life without the internet? Hasn't it revolutionized and eased up our life in many ways? Read on to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the internet.
Troubled by a computer virus? The following article would explain on how you can remove a virus from your computer. I have tried my best to explain the procedure in as easy manner as I possibly could
Since long computer viruses have wreaked havoc with our use of computers. This article lists the types of computer viruses and the ways with which you can tackle them effectively
Here is a comprehensive list of operating systems from the very early ones to the latest ones.
This is an in-depth META tags tutorial that would help you to know what are META tags, what is their purpose and how to write them effectively.
Earning or making money on the World Wide Web is not as easy as you might think it is. There are several pits dug by the so called marketing gurus where you can easily fall. I will help you to understand the whole scenario right from the bare basics.
Rich Internet Applications are changing how we experience the World Wide Web. They are the newest talk in the WWW town. Read through to know more about RIAs - the new hype!
Tired of the viruses coming over and over again in your pen drives or removable media? Know where they come from and how to tackle them
USB Pen Drives or Removable Media can be used as RAM in Microsoft Windows Vista which can be helped to boost system speed.
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