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The cosmopolitan cocktail recipe is surrounded by dispute since no one really known who the creator of this drink is. Also referred to as the cosmo this cocktail is very simple to make. Below you will find easy cosmopolitan cocktail recipes with the help of which you can make this drink at home.
Add some zing to your party by serving vodka martini cocktails. Since the ingredients used to make this cocktail are few and can be found everywhere you can easily make it at home. Here are a few vodka martini cocktail recipes to help you do just that.
Whatever the weather is or whatever your mood a champagne cocktail always helps brighten up the day. With that thought in mind read on for champagne cocktail recipes.
Pina colada is a sweet drink that means strained pineapple in Spanish. This drink is a perfect blend of rum, coconut cream and pineapple juice. Tasty and refreshing, here are some pina colada recipes that you can use to make an evening special.
Did you know that vodka is made from fermented substances such as grain, potatoes, wheat, rye or sugar beet molasses? Yes, this drink that is available as flavored and clear vodka is a product of fermented substances. Despite that this drink is an essential component of most parties. Read on to know how you can make various cocktails with these easy vodka cocktail recipes.

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