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Arts and Creativity has always held mankind in its clutches, revealing life and still forms in varied colors and expressions. Writers and poets have used their pen to talk about life in their time, to voice their opinions about issues, or weave stories that bring tears to your eyes or a smile to your lips. Sculptors have on the other hand used their tools to craft pieces of stone/wood or other metals revealing things through their eyes. Artists have also made their contribution by painting the ceilings of buildings and creating masterpieces.
Who would not appreciate the remarkable art of wood carving? The decades old art of wood carving today can be mastered by one and all. Let us have a glance at some easy wood carving patterns.
Have you ever wondered how empty and dull life would be without sculptures that have captivated the past as well as those that are now being created to be viewed and carry on this generation to the next? Read on to know about famous sculptures around the world.
How often have you used poems to express your feelings to your loved ones? Poems are beautiful lines that convey feelings and thoughts in a beautiful and interesting language that they are really difficult to ignore. There are different elements of poetry and this article talks about each one in detail.
For almost as long as literature has existed so has the practice of challenging and banning certain books. Here is a list of books that have at some point of time been challenged and banned.
Face painting has been used as a form of expression since ancient times. The colors and interesting designs in face painting can be appreciated by children and adults equally. This article is meant as a guide that will help you create some basic face painting designs for kids.
Literature is written work, be it for a specific stream or a subject or be it on variety. The word literature comes from the latin word littera which means letters. The following list is compiled to list most famous literature works of all time.
Tattoos are a popular form of decorative art. People choose tattoo designs that reflect their personality. Among various tattoo designs flower butterfly tattoo designs are particularly popular with people. This article will try to give you some insights about different tattoo designs to help you pick your favorite ones.
Body painting as an art form has been in existence since ancient times. In body painting the human body is used as a canvas and designs or patterns are painted on it and this painting can last from several hours to a few days. Read on to discover the art of body painting and the materials used for it.
Painting is a visual medium of expression. Some paintings successfully reflect the beauty of nature while others have been painted to reflect the social and human fabric. Over a period of time some famous paintings have managed to gain much admiration and approval and this article provides a few details about those paintings.
William Shakespeare is known not only for his plays but also for the beautiful poetry he wrote. Many of his sonnets are considered masterpieces in literature. Read through to get an account of the most popular sonnets by William Shakespeare.
Literature is a verbal art. It can add much meaning to humanity as a whole. Here is a brief introduction to literature and a description of what makes a work of literature spellbinding.
William Shakespeare is regarded as one of the greatest writers. The Tempest is amongst his most widely read and appreciated works.
Poetry is an expression of the self, a way of using words to draw upon ideas of the mind or express something that is felt deeply within the soul. Here is information about different types of poetry.

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