Animals Around Us

If you love animals, this is the place for you! Animals are tender loving creatures that display so much of love and concern by their behavior, thus, it is no surprise that more and more people today keep animals as pets. The definition of pet includes nearly all the animals that roam the Earth. This category answers the why, when, where and how about animals and pets
The dodo bird also known as Raphus Cucullatus was a beautiful bird from the island of Mauritius. Read through to know more about this beautiful bird.
Do you wonder what constitutes animal cruelty? Are any constructive steps being taken against this issues? Read on to learn about animal cruelty and animal abuse facts surrounding this issue.
There are more than 1270 species of jellyfish that fall in the cnidarian classes. Read on to know more about the different species and various types of jellyfish found primarily in deep seas as well as tropical habitats.
Jellyfish are beautiful deep sea animals from the Cnidaria family. Jellyfish can be considered both deadly and helpful. Read through to know some facts like these about jellyfish.
Is your dog suffering from recurrent ear infections? Is it coughing and sneezing? If you have said yes to any of these questions, your dog may be suffering from a dog allergy. Read on to know about dog allergies, it's symptoms as well as the treatment options available.
Pets need a lot of warmth and attention. Here is some information about how you can take care of your cat or dog.
Keep your dog healthy by educating yourself about dog worms. Here is information about dog worms along with its signs, symptoms and treatment to help you do just that.
Did you know that all the poisonous snakes that inhabit this Earth have 2 fangs located in the upper front portion of the mouth? Here is information about snakes that are poisonous as well as those that aren't.
Are you planning to adopt a pet? Do you want to give an animal a home? If your answer is in the affirmative, pet adoption is just for you.
Did you know that dogs are the only animals that have many different types of breeds?
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