Career Opportunities in Sales

He came, he saw, he conquered, the legendary words would hold true for a dedicated sales person who is capable of observing beyond what an ordinary human would in a market full of opportunities.
| Wednesday, November 03, 2010
Before entering a Sales profession, one needs to understand his or her interest and capabilities. Sales profession is an arena of vast career opportunities. Name any field or industry, the basic foundation is created by ‘Sales’ only the ways of selling the products or services vary.

Misconceptions About Sales as Career 

  • Most feel that it is their hobby of traveling and communicating with people that has drawn them towards the Sales profession. Well, sales profession is not just traveling around or meeting people, it is plainly making clients out of prospects. The sales person is accountable for every penny he has spent on meeting prospects.
  • Sales personnel has a flexible work schedule is another delusion that is common among people. A flexible work schedule is possible only when the day’s task is well planned.
  • Sales professional earns an extra income through commissions and incentives. These rewards are the returns of the sales target achievement.

Inborn Selling Skills are Necessary for a Successful Sales Career

More than educational qualifications, the selling skills matter much in a sales career. The following are the abilities that a Sales professional needs to possess:

  • Exceptional communication skills are necessary because it is not just about narrating but convincing the client to buy the product or service.
  • Expressions and body language convey lot of messages. A sales professional needs to be a mind reader. He or she should have the ability to understand the next move of the prospect and should be ready with the solution.
  • In depth knowledge about products or services promoted to the prospect is important while handling queries.

Qualifications Needed for a Career in Sales

As the talent lie in good communication and exceptional selling skills, the person inspiring to be a Sales professional can be of any stream of graduation.

Sales profession in the medical field like in Pharmaceuticals or Medical equipment marketing or hospital promotion has a different requirement. The candidate must have an educational qualification in streams like Chemistry, Biology or Pharmacy.

Business management in sales and marketing field (Post Graduation or Masters) would certainly give an edge over the competition in the sales career.

Sales Career Growth Path as per Designations

Sales Representative or Sales Executive

This is the most basic designation that a fresher would be given. This designation varies as per the products and services offered by an organization. The job responsibility is to extract business from clients through direct contact. This is in fact the time wherein the sales person can develop a strong rapport with the clients because this is the phase in which the young candidates are more enthusiastic and have an innovative approach.

Area Sales Manager / Regional Sales manager / Zonal Sales Manager

On gaining relevant experience and knowledge, one can attain the managerial position which has now increased job responsibilities. The candidate becomes responsible of managing the sales representatives of an allotted area, a region or a zone.

Country Sales Manager / General Manager – Sales

As the ladder moves upwards responsibilities amplify so does the position in the organization. Under the capacity of the mentioned designations there are more people to manage. The candidate gains the authority to design strategic sales plans taking into consideration the organizations’ vision and long-term goals.

Director of Sales

The candidate is not only the ultimate decision-maker but also an opinion leader whose judgments and estimations are looked upon by the people down the hierarchy.

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