Natural and Organic Crib Mattresses

If you are having a baby then planning and designing a nursery for your tiny tot will be amongst the most important things on your mind right now. This article will throw light on the importance of buying natural and organic crib mattresses for your precious angel and how that can help in ensuring that your baby is healthy and happy.
| Saturday, December 20, 2008
Babies spend as much as 70 % of the time in their early life resting and sleeping or playing on their crib mattresses. Therefore natural and organic crib mattresses are crucial for providing a healthy environment for the baby.  The term organic mattress refers to a mattress that is made up by using organic materials instead of harmful chemicals and other toxic materials. Another kind of mattress is a futon crib mattress. This mattress is around 5 centimeters thick and is made of Japanese futon which is stuffed with synthetic materials or cotton. The futon crib mattress is designed so that it can be used at night for sleeping and can be folded and stored during the day.

Use of organic materials proves to be beneficial since traditional materials such as polyurethane foam and PVC/vinyl are known to release harmful chemicals over a period of time. Babies having sensitive immune systems are susceptible to inhaling these harmful chemicals and so organic crib mattresses can go a long way to creating a healthy nursery. Polyurethane which is found in traditional mattresses is a petroleum product that contains some known carcinogens. In order to tackle the danger of using polyurethane foam, producers treat mattresses with industrial flame retardants that are toxic and these contain certain harmful ethers such as polybrominated diphnyl ethers. These can cause thyroid problems and some other neurobehavioral disruptions. Vinyl/PVC in mattresses contains phthalates which are animal carcinogens. These often cause damage to kidneys, lungs, liver and reproductive systems.

In organic crib mattresses eco friendly materials such are cotton that is organically grown is used. Such organic cotton is grown without using synthetic pesticides. Manufacturers also use waterproof layers which are constructed with polyethylene and this is non toxic and environmentally safe. These mattresses are manufactured with the use of non toxic fire protectors. This organic material is capable of providing firm support and protection from fire. The material is used so as to promote health and safety of the child. This makes baby crib mattresses safer and more dependable as against traditional crib mattresses. Research is being conducted on the materials used in the crib mattresses and their effects on the health of the babies. The use of organic crib mattresses has proved to be more beneficial than other traditional materials because it allows for greater circulation of air and thereby allows the babies to breathe easily.

These special crib mattresses also reduce the possibilities of babies suffering from allergic reactions. While selecting baby crib mattresses it is advisable for people to choose mattresses that are certified by reputable companies. Suitable crib mattresses can also be purchased from good online stores and other websites that provide complete details about the mattresses, their rates, quality and other details. Many mothers know about the danger of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) but not many know how it can be prevented and how certain small precautions can help them to safeguard their little ones. For many years mothers have believed that ensuring their babies do not roll over and sleep in the prone position can help them prevent the possibility of SIDS. However new research has actually indicated that the chemical and toxic components in the traditional mattresses may result in SIDS among babies. Some of the chemicals used in traditional crib mattresses include phosphorus, arsenic and antimony among others. These chemicals were initially added to act as fire retardants but when they were added the possibility of SIDS was not well known. Eventually SIDS caused death of a large number of babies and then people started looking into the relation between these chemicals in the mattresses and SIDS. As the crib mattresses age the chemicals that are fire retardants tend to react with the ordinary household fungi and result in dangerous chemical reaction. The toxins emitted thereby are more toxic than carbon monoxide and can act as potential factors in causing SIDS.

Since parents want the best for their children it is only but natural to insure the health of the children through use of organic material in their life. The organic material used such as wool is also a flame retardant and meets the high standards of certification bodies. For material to be deemed as truly organic it should be made from renewable resources. Once a product is declared as organically produced then it cannot contain any ingredients that are synthetically produced or that harm the environment.
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