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About Rachna - I write because it sets me free from mundane tasks. What began as a hobby years ago is today my profession and I thoroughly enjoy the whole process of putting together words, sentences, paragraphs and punctuation to provide meaningful information for people all over the world.
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The basketball sport is today played by more than 300 million all over the world. Read on for more interesting and fun facts about basketball.
How often have you used poems to express your feelings to your loved ones? Poems are beautiful lines that convey feelings and thoughts in a beautiful and interesting language that they are really difficult to ignore. There are different elements of poetry and this article talks about each one in detail.
If you are wondering why your neighbor's dog sits and your doesn't when commanded, this is the right place to be. Read on to know how to train dogs to sit or stand with simple commands.
Did you know that prostate cancer is the second leading cause of deaths after lung cancer? This fact makes it important to gather information about the signs and symptoms of prostate cancer so as to find a cure before it reaches an advanced stage.
Speaking in front of an audience is difficult especially if you haven't got a good informative speech topic in hand. To help you with this dilemma we have come up with a list of good informative speech topics.
If spending time in the kitchen churning out delicious food is what you love doing, then you should certainly try out these easy quiche recipes. All the recipes on this page are really simple to make and won't even take up much of your time.
Knowing the history of nanotechnology will only help to better understand the advances that have been made in this field. Read on to know more about the brains behind this technology.
Divorce affects children the most. Knowing the effects divorce has on them will help deal with them and teach them to cope. This article tells you everything you need to know about the effects that divorce has on children.
Charles Darwin is a naturalist who is known the world over for his theory which is based on evolution and natural selection. This article talks about him and his great work which is better known as the theory of evolution.
Valentine's Day is an excellent way to show someone you care and it is this reason that makes this day so popular the world over. To know more about Valentines Day, read on.
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