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About Rachna - I write because it sets me free from mundane tasks. What began as a hobby years ago is today my profession and I thoroughly enjoy the whole process of putting together words, sentences, paragraphs and punctuation to provide meaningful information for people all over the world.
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Is your weight causing your problems? Do you wish you could shed some weight free and yourself from the problems associated with being overweight? Well, you can with these quick weight reduction tips.
Did you know that vodka is made from fermented substances such as grain, potatoes, wheat, rye or sugar beet molasses? Yes, this drink that is available as flavored and clear vodka is a product of fermented substances. Despite that this drink is an essential component of most parties. Read on to know how you can make various cocktails with these easy vodka cocktail recipes.
How much do you know about basketball? Invented by Dr. James Naismith, basketball is a game that requires an immense amount of energy and skill. To develop the skills, this game has different basketball player positions. Here we provide you with information about the different basketball positions.
Have you ever wondered how empty and dull life would be without sculptures that have captivated the past as well as those that are now being created to be viewed and carry on this generation to the next? Read on to know about famous sculptures around the world.
Life after a hysterectomy may be difficult because of its side effects. This article has been written to tell you about hysterectomy side effects so that you are mentally prepared for everything before the surgery.
Wondering what to use for the flooring of your house? Well! I would recommend ceramic tile flooring since it not only adds color and style but is also durable and cost effective. Here we tell you all about installing ceramic floor tiles.
Life is precious and a pregnancy life insurance cover is an excellent way to ensure that your life is covered in case of any incident that might take place while giving birth. Read on to know about pregnancy life insurance.
For effective treatment of prostate cancer it is of vital importance to be aware of the prostate cancer stages. This article has been written to inform you about the various stages and the spread of prostate cancer in each stage.
Chocolate not only tastes good but has health benefits too. Research conducted on this subject has brought to the fore information that will make anyone who loves chocolate very happy. The percentage that doesn't might begin eating a square once in a while too and all that just because of the health benefits of eating chocolate.
Colon cancer affects a lot of people worldwide and is responsible for a lot of discomfort and even death, in a few cases. To combat this problem it is important to be well informed about the stages of colon cancer. Read on to increase your knowledge about the various stages of colon cancer.
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