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About Rachna - I write because it sets me free from mundane tasks. What began as a hobby years ago is today my profession and I thoroughly enjoy the whole process of putting together words, sentences, paragraphs and punctuation to provide meaningful information for people all over the world.
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Have you ever tried making roasted garlic bread? It's really easy and delicious. Here are some roasted garlic bread recipes to get you started.
History is filled with tales of valor, sacrifice, love and pain. There are many women in history who have made a valuable contribution. Read on to know about these famous women.
People who love plants will agree that nothing adds more beauty and color to a room than a potted plant or a vase full of their favorite flowers. You can grow bamboo plants indoors with just a little help from us. Read on to know how.
The world of cinema is an ever-evolving one as there can never be an end to the creativity that lies in the human mind. Each person involved in making a movie is a valuable contributor. The Oscars is an award that recognizes this contribution. Read on to know who the 85th Academy Award winners are.
Pain, discomfort and anxiety are some of the words we usually associate with surgery. Hysterectomy is one such surgery that brings about various changes in the body. Read on to know how you can make your life easier and comfortable after hysterectomy.
History has it that football descended from a Greek game called "harpaston". As time passed this game which was originally considered a “very rough and brutal game” in classical literature found its way into other countries and later came to be known as football.
Meat can be easily tenderized at home with a few ingredients that are found in the kitchen. This article gives you an idea of the different ways along with tips on how to make meat juicier and tastier.
Multiple sclerosis is a term derived from two words; the first is from the Latin word multus plus plica which means fold; and the second is adapted from the Greek word skelrosis, which means hardening.
Are you looking for an exotic place to visit on your honeymoon? Read on to know about a few honeymoon destinations in the world.
The 85th Academy Awards ceremony is an event that is scheduled for February 24th 2013. It will be held at the Dolby Theatre in the Hollywood district of Los Angeles. The who’s who of the film fraternity will be attending this event. Here is a list containing the nominations in their respective categories.
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