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A known quote says, "Your birthday is a special time to celebrate the gift of 'you' to the world." So lets make your 60th birthday the best celebration of the year.
What would be better than spending a day on the beach? What people would love to do on a beach is based on ones own interest. Let us look at some interesting beach party theme ideas.
A sinus is an air cavity found at different locations in the head region. There are four pairs of sinuses. All of them have their one end opening into the nasal cavity for the exchange of air and mucus. The unwanted mucus is disposed off from the sinus cavities into the nasal passages from where they are excreted out.
A good boss makes his men realize they have more ability than they think they have so that they consistently do better work than they thought they could. Here are some gift ideas for your boss to thank him for all the good things he did for you.
All flowers are beautiful to watch around and are a pleasant view to the sight. One flower that stands out is the rose! Here is a list of different colored roses with the meaning they symbolize.
Call it an 'idiot box' but mind you, the truth remains, that the Television is an integrate part of our lifestyle. Technology advancement has provided us many sources of entertainment but the Television has its own importance.
Gamma Knife and Cyber knife, though termed as 'knife' actually don't function as one that cuts through. Both techniques are noninvasive modes of radiation treatment and are advantageous in their own way. The treatment therapies have their application in treatment of both cancerous and non-cancerous tumors anywhere in the body, including the brain, spine, liver, prostate, lung, pancreas and kidney.
Birds are a unique family in the animal kingdom that has developed their existence in accordance to the environmental demands. Their beauty is defined because of their vivid colors and unique designs and patterns over their body. The fishes and insects are the only competitors to birds with regards to colors.
Birthstone charms are said to protect you against all the bad things that there are. Different colors are associated with these gemstones which vary according to your birth month. Read on to know about birthstone color chart with list of birthstones for each month.
A disease itself is a depressing state of body and when it involves a surgery, the traumatic state of mind is at its peak. The thought of sharp knives and needles piercing through our body, even though in the unconscious state, are very fearful. This trauma may complicate the surgical procedure, since the physiological condition of the patient may worsen. There might be a rise in the blood pressure or an elevation in the sugar level.
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