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About Jamila - A strong believer of the fact that without creativity life has no pulse!
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History has seen the birth and perishes of many civilizations but only few have left their imprints till date. The Greek civilization is one of the immortal civilizations whose glimpses are still visible in some parts of the Europe and the Mediterranean belt.
Christmas comes in with a lot of fun activities to give us the perfect break from the monotonous routine. So take a plunge into the world of art and make some wonderful Christmas ornaments this season.
Activities of some or the other kind during the Christmas Eve keeps our enthusiasm high. Decorating the house is one activity that arouses the festive fun deep within our heart. Let us move further on to grab some tips to decorate your home with lights for the Christmas.
Birds are one of God's most unique creations. The beauty that lies in every species of bird is unmatched. Read on to know the different varieties and species of birds found around the world.
Have you started drinking green tea yet? If not, join the buzz now because you will be amazed at the ample health benefits that green tea offers.
Who would not appreciate the remarkable art of wood carving? The decades old art of wood carving today can be mastered by one and all. Let us have a glance at some easy wood carving patterns.
Come the Christmas vacation and the travel buzz begins amongst families! Christmas vacation indeed is the best time to plan for a getaway but one need to work on the plan much in advance.
Ho ho ho! The most awaited celebration of the year is round the corner. It is the Christmas Eve! Design your own Christmas invitation cards this season with simple ideas at your finger tips.
A well known saying goes as "every coin has two sides". Inventions come with a positive and a negative side. This applies to social networking portals as well.
How many of us are aware that this simple looking condiment called Garlic has the potential to protect against lethal health disorders like cancer and heart attacks? Keep reading to know more about the health benefits of garlic.
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