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About Gene - I'm a mortgage counselor. I help people stay in their homes and help people buy homes that are appropriate for their lifestyles and financial situations. I love old horror flicks, fishing, and being with my family.
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When it comes to opening a savings account, there are so many options available that it is difficult to know where to begin researching. With a brief guide to some of the retail banking industry's most popular savings account offerings available, making the best decision just got a little easier.
The foreclosure process is a long and complicated procedure by which a lender takes possession of, or puts a lien on, a piece of real estate. The process begins when the party with the mortgage, the mortgagor, ceases to make payments on the property for 90 days; at that point, the mortgage company, the mortgagee, begins the legal steps to take the property. From start to finish the process can take upwards of 18 months and can have a devastating effect on those living in the foreclosed residence.
Using an ATM is an important part of our daily lives, but it is important to be safe when using one, especially at night or in a dangerous area.

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