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Literature is written work, be it for a specific stream or a subject or be it on variety. The word literature comes from the latin word littera which means letters. The following list is compiled to list most famous literature works of all time.
Here are some quick weight loss diets which will help you reduce weight quickly and efficiently.
Since markets established and competition started increasing, companies started adopting different slogans, tag-lines or punch-lines to attract consumers. This article would feature a list of some of the most famous slogans filled with creativity and wits of all sorts.
Garden pests, feasting on our plants, are sure a big menace to deal with. There can be different pests lurking on flower or vegetable plants that need effective measures to be taken. To help you tackle with garden pests, I would try to outline some simple home methods as well as other options you can pursue.
A lot of technical things go behind the working of a wireless router. To understand how wireless routers work, we first need to know the basics of how networking happens. Keep on reading to get a brief overview on the working of a wireless router and the associated terminologies.
It feels great to shop from the comfort of our homes but is it really secure and safe out here on the internet? Certainly there are many advantages that come along with Internet shopping but we do have to take a look at the negative aspects of shopping on the Internet. Keep reading to understand the online shopping scenario and its associated advantages and disadvantages.
Demons are said to be evil, bad and frightful. They are said to bring darkness and fear with them to invoke a chill down our spines. Several ancient demons are said to have wreaked havoc and destruction since long. So do demons really exist? Are they fact or fiction? Whether you believe in them or not, you know for sure that there is a fear about them somewhere down in your heart... in your dreams...
Cyber forensic is a field that is increasingly getting noted on higher levels so be it for solving a local crime or be it that interests the security factors of a country. Let us look at some of the best forensic tools used to investigate cases related to cyber crime or those that are used for scientific purposes.
They say 2 is better than 1 and that is what is exactly achieved by famous duos mentioned in the following article. From technology to entertainment to being simply romantic these duos had an impact the way we perceive and react to things. Read on to know them.
Everyone who has an appetite for good food and taste would surely know the value of a true chef. There are several famous chefs from around the world who have had an everlasting impact on world cuisine and have set standards for that bit of diversified taste and technique. Read on to know more about such chefs whose contributions to the field of cusine stands legendary.
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